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Is there a route planner like Google Maps?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Although Google Maps is a great navigation and mapping tool, many other options are either on par with Google Maps or even better. There are various reasons for this. How you organize your visits and what you do with your maps should heavily influence the mapping tool you choose.

Route optimization is crucial if you drive professionally or manage a logistics-focused organization. Route planning technologies have transformed travel and business. Only some route planners can handle complicated routes. You’ll need navigation software capable of planning several stops and routes to do this. You may find several best route finder applications and online resources that do precisely that.

Top-Rated Free Maps and Route Planners


Maptive is the most effective and user-friendly free route optimizer available for professionals of all types. Maptive provides various sophisticated features that more basic route optimizers, such as Google Maps, do not offer. You may test out all of Maptive’s tools and features for free during the company’s provided ten-day trial period, which is free of charge.

Using Maptive, you can quickly add several stops by clicking on the map or entering locations, making it more user-friendly than many other apps on our list. The Maptive UI is simple to learn and utilize, with several in-app tutorials available.


Waze is a superb software for directions and usability. Because Google bought the firm in 2013, it should be comparable to Maps. Waze’s revolutionary features set it apart. Waze captures real-time user data. It provides current traffic information, altered routes, and shortcuts. Spotify integration allows instructions while listening to music.

The community component in Waze is helpful, but it only works on roads where other users are also driving. You will have less real-time information at your disposal if you’re in a less populated location. More users on a route mean more icons on the screen, which might make it difficult to see the way ahead.


TruckRouter is an open-source application that facilitates the planning of transportation routes. Whether you’re a truck driver, fleet manager, or dispatcher, this is the product for you.

TruckRouter optimizes truck routes. The technology accounts for height and weight limits while routing trucks.TruckRouter also informs drivers about poor clearances, toll highways, and trip cost calculators. The sole drawback is that the tool is web-based and lacks iOS and Android applications.

Apple Maps

Apple’s mapping app is built into every iOS device so it can compete with Google’s. It’s comparable to Google Maps but falls short in others.

Mapmaking is where it shines. The maps are pretty high quality and have a 3D perspective and structures. Users of Apple products will also enjoy the seamless synchronization of maps and navigation across their devices. This allows you to switch between your iPad and iPhone for instructions seamlessly.

Apple Maps’ main drawback is its two-stop limit. Hence, busy delivery drivers may use something other than this technology. Businesses worry about false information. Route-planning software for PC and Android users is unavailable because the app is solely for Apple devices.


To summarize, if you’re getting your delivery company off the ground, you probably won’t need

more than one of these free route planner applications because you’ll just have one delivery driver and a few different locations to visit. If your company is successful, you will likely need to switch to a more advanced software program for route planning at some point in the future.

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