Best Study Apps for College Students

study apps for college students
Written by Ben Davis

When the first set of smartphones and tablets were first introduced several years ago, most of their apps could only be used for entertainment and instant messaging purposes. Gradually, developers started creating educational apps that have already found their way into the classroom. These are not meant for students alone; tech savvy educators find them indispensable too. The good thing is that most of them are free to download and use. Students can use them from anywhere and at any time on their mobile devices. Here are some apps developed to simplify studying.

·       Wikipanion

This app is a great place to kick starts your research for class papers as it gives you an insight to the topic. There are a few trusted sites that can write a research paper for me when I need professional services. It works only on iOS for now and it is developed so that users can easily gain access to Wikipedia straight from their mobile devices. Each section or entry can be bookmarked, and automatic search results are displayed as you type. Currently, Wiki anion supports surfing and searching in over 75 languages. Users can set a specific search language of their choice and also toggle between various language versions.

·       Google Drive

Setting up a Gmail account automatically gives you access to Google Drive. For each Drive account, the available cloud storage should contain all of your documents and files which can be retrieved at any time as long as there is a reliable internet connection. In case that is not sufficient, you can pay for extra storage at an affordable price. Once the app is downloaded, it can be used to create spreadsheets, take notes, build presentations and draw diagrams. Apart from all these functionality, you can edit and share your files with friends. The app supports both iOS and Android devices.

·       Evernote

For starters, Evernote can be a bit complicated, but understanding its basics will help fix that. It is a note-taking app that is regularly updated with new features.Students can attach files, take notes, set reminders and create to-do lists on the app which are accessible via any device. It is free for iOS and Android users, although there is a premium version which costs $5 per month or $45 every year.Premium users are eligible to unlimited storage space, while free users can only upload 60MB each month. Your photos, audio, videos, texts are then synced to an online account.

·       Dragon Dictation

You only need to speak into Dragon Dictation, and it will automatically type for you. It’s totally hands-free, so you can engage in other tasks while you dictate. After that, notes can be copied to clipboards, sent as email, pasted into other apps or saved. Apart from typing class notes, it is also useful for updating social media statusesand text messages. The only downside is that it is only available for iOS users.

·       Pocket

Students use the Pocket app for saving useful articles, videos and web pages which can even be shared or read offline. It works across all mobile devices and laptops with fast accessibility. The app is a great tool for curating and organizing information on the go.

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