5 Great Ways to Monitor Marketing Campaign Success

Written by Jimmy Rustling

You could have the best marketing campaign in the world, but you won’t necessarily know why or how much ROI you are receiving without the necessary metrics and analytics. To better understand your marketing, here are some important ways to monitor your efforts.

1.    Google Analytics

First things first, if you don’t have Google Analytics monitoring your website, then you need to get that set up immediately. There are ways to do this manually and automatically with the right plugins, and in short, there is no excuse not to have it set up. You will also want to familiarize yourself with the process and what you are looking at, especially once you launch your next marketing campaign.

2.    Business Tools for Social Media

Social media also offer several analytics tools, but only if your profiles are set to business. You may have heard that you get more engagement as a personal account, but you don’t, and any drop in engagement wouldn’t be worth not having analytics tools, anyway.

3.    Unique Landing Pages

Unique landing pages are a great method to track the exact engagement you are receiving for a marketing campaign. It is also a great way to really make your campaigns hyper-relevant. If a customer clicks on a sale advert, for example, then they aren’t going to want to be taken to your home page or to the new season section. Instead, make sure that the sale section has its own page so that customers immediately feel like you have lived up to your promise and that they’re getting what they wanted.

4.    Toll-Free Number

It’s very easy to monitor the success of digital and print advertisements by using a toll-free number instead of providing your direct line to your customers. Not only does it give them more incentive to call (they don’t have to pay for it) you can also use 1800 services that make it a cinch to monitor, track and analyze your call’s results.

For example, you can get a toll free number for just one set of print ads that show up on the subway system. With this toll-free number only showing up with this one campaign, you can then know that everyone calling you using that number is a lead from your marketing campaign. These 1800 services offer so many additional benefits as well, from call history reports to analytics and real-time call information.

5.    Discount Codes

Another way to monitor the success of a print campaign is with a unique discount code. Discount codes are the easiest way to determine how successful different versions of the same advert are. Think of this as the simplest version of A/B testing. Have two different discount codes for each version of your campaign. If the amount of times each code is used is similar, then congratulations because you have two winners! If you have a very obvious winner, then you know which one to focus your efforts on and to send more resources on.

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