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Five Tips to Break Your Speeding Habit

Written by Jimmy Rustling

If you like to speed, you aren’t alone. It isn’t uncommon for drivers to speed on city roads, highways, and interstates. The trouble is, it can be very dangerous. When you increase your speed, you increase your risk of getting into an accident, and you increase your risk of sustaining a serious injury. About 25 deaths occur every day due to speeding in Texas alone.

Speeding ticket cvc 22349. The trouble is, speeding can quickly become a habit that is hard to break. If you’re tired of speeding and you’re ready to drive more safely, these tips will help.

Leave Early

One of the main reasons why people speed is because they are running late. It makes sense then that if you aren’t running late, you will be less likely to speed. Leave with plenty of time to get to your destination and you won’t be tempted to go faster than you should.

Another reason not to speed is the fact that it really isn’t helping you anyway. Unless you’re driving long distances, you aren’t going to save any more than a few seconds to a minute or two. That means speeding really isn’t going to help you get to work faster, so there’s really no point in doing it.

Use Cruise Control

If you’re driving in town, using cruise control probably isn’t a good idea, but it can be a great tool when you’re driving on the interstate or the highway. It can make driving long distances more comfortable because you aren’t forced to keep your foot on the gas pedal, but it can also help keep you from speeding.

As your foot gets tired, it’s normal to push more firmly on the gas pedal, and before you know it, you’re going five, 10, or even 15 miles per hour over the speed limit. Set your cruise control to follow the speed limit and you don’t have to worry about going faster than you intended.

Look up the Cost of Getting a Speeding Ticket

One of the biggest deterrents of speeding is the fact that you can get a ticket. You know you could get pulled over, which will only make you later to your destination, if that’s a concern of yours, but speeding tickets can be quite expensive.

Look up the cost of getting a speeding ticket. Depending on where you live, you could be required to pay over $100. Paying a speeding ticket can get even more expensive if you are caught speeding more than once.

Once you look up how much a speeding ticket costs, consider all of the other things you could buy with that money. You could even reward yourself with that amount at the end of the year to buy whatever you want as an incentive for not speeding and not getting a ticket.

Listen to the Right Music

Music can have a profound effect on our mood. If you’re tired, listening to fast, loud, invigorating music can be a great way to help you focus on the road. However, that same music can actually encourage you to drive faster. It’s not just heavy metal either. Studies have shown that songs like Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run” can cause you to speed, making them dangerous to listen to behind the wheel.

Softer, quieter, more peaceful music can help control your speed while you’re driving. You don’t necessarily have to listen to classical music. A few songs that can help you go the speed limit include:

  • Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway To Heaven”
  • Drake’s “God’s Plan”
  • Toto’s “Africa”
  • Khalid’s “Location”
  • Coldplay’s “Yellow”

Focus on the Road

Do you have a lead foot? If so, you probably end up speeding without even realizing you’re doing it. If you frequently glance at your speedometer and discover you’re going a lot faster than you meant to, it means you have to spend more time focusing on the road.

Distracted driving can include the use of electronic devices, like cell phones, but it doesn’t have to. You can be just as distracted by singing along to the radio or thinking about something that happened at work. As soon as you notice your mind wander, bring your attention back to the road. And don’t forget to glance at the speedometer to see how fast you’re going!

Speeding is dangerous because you can get away with it over and over again—until you don’t. Save yourself the grief of getting into an accident or getting a ticket by finding ways to keep your speed down.

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