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Understanding the Functioning of Immunoglobulin Concentrates

Written by Jimmy Rustling

The human body is an intricate mechanism that is quite adept at fixing itself. Multiple toxins in your body try to cause harm to your organs, but your immune system successfully fights them off. But, if you don’t give your immune system the fuel it needs, it won’t perform well, leading to severe complications.

The fuel for your immune system comes primarily from your diet. If you eat foods rich in trans-fats and sodium, your immune system will get weakened. Your immune system is also compromised by unhealthy eating habits, which confuses the microbiome leading to gut issues like inflammation and irritable bowel syndrome. This is where immunoglobulin concentrates, such as MegaMucosa can help you. Let’s first understand what immunoglobulin is and what it does in the body.

How Does Your Body Work

When a foreign germ or pathogen invades your body, the entire system is aware of the invasion. The first ones to react are your antibodies. These antibodies are Y-shaped chromosomes that attach to the invading pathogen. The pathogen has a unique molecule known as an antigen on its surface. The antibody will use its Y shape to stick to the antigen. The antibody then has two routes.

It neutralizes the pathogen (or a specific trait of the pathogen that prevents it from reproducing in the body) or tags it as an invader. Once it tags the pathogen, the immune system knows which cells to attack and disposes of the labeled cells. Immunoglobulin refers to the antibodies found in your blood.

Types of Immunoglobulin

Five types of immunoglobulin are produced in different quantities by your body. They are:

  • IgA: These antibodies are found in your breathing tracts, nose, digestive tracts, ears, eyes, and vagina. They protect portions of your body exposed to external substances. It is also found in your saliva, tears, and blood. This antibody makes up 10-15% of all antibodies in your body.
  • IgG: These antibodies are found in all bodily fluids. They are the most common antibody, but they are also the most important. They help in fighting bacterial and viral infections, making them the frontline defense. These antibodies make up for 75-80% of all antibodies in your system.
  • IgM: These are the largest antibodies commonly found in lymph fluid, and blood and they are the first antibodies your body creates when it senses an infection. They make up about 5-10% of all antibodies in your system.
  • IgE: These antibodies are found in your mucus membrane, lungs, and skin. They are responsible for the reactions your body feels towards pollen, fungus spores, and other foreign substances that cause allergic reactions. If you have an allergy to any substance, your body may have produced an excess of IgE antibodies.
  • IgD: This is an antibody found in your chest and belly tissue lining. They exist in minimal quantities. How they work is still unknown to medical science.

What Is ImunnoLin

From the descriptions above, you must have understood that IgG is the antibody that is primarily responsible for your body fighting off infections. It is also the primary antibody used in Immunoglobulin supplements made in the form of a concentrate. This concentrate is known as ImmunoLin. It is rich in IgG and helps protect your stomach’s microbiome.

ImmunoLin supplements are meant to give your body an extra boost. They are essentially the immune system’s reinforcements. Though there are many immune supplements in the market, ImmunoLin has one advantage over them. ImmunoLin works alongside the naturally occurring immune system defenses. They are an additional resource rather than a foreign accelerant. This is why they are effective regardless of the person’s age.

How Does ImmunoLin Work

One of the reasons behind asking a mother to nurse their child for up to 2 years is that breast milk is abundant in Immunoglobulins. This is necessary because an infant’s immune system is still developing, and the abundance of immunoglobulins present in breast milk gives that immunity an additional resource to help fight infections. This is why the medical community widely recognizes immunoglobulin supplements as an immunity booster.

Up to 80% of all infections enter your body through the mucosal tissue or reside on the mucosal surfaces. The largest mucosal membrane in the body lies in the GI tract. This is why the GI tract is known as an eternal battleground. When you take an immunoglobulin supplement, it enters the body and is recognized as a part of the body’s defense. It tells the gut biome that there is no need to produce any more antibodies by itself, allowing it to focus on other areas where your body needs assistance.

Immunoglobulin substances like MegaMucosa are known for their ability to improve the condition of your body. It helps in reducing problems such as inflammation, IBS, and other digestive issues. If you want your body to have a chemical-free helper, then Immunoglobulin concentrates are the way to go.

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