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How to Write an Effective Newsletter for Your Email Marketing Campaign

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Email marketing campaigns are an excellent way to drive traffic to your business, build your brand, and inspire customer loyalty. Newsletters are often included within these campaigns, as they are a particularly cost-effective form of content marketing. However, many business leaders go to create these electronic newsletters, only to realise they have no idea what they’re supposed to do. After all, some people haven’t written anything since they were in secondary school. Not to worry. We’re here to help you with this predicament by providing our top tips and tricks for writing a successful newsletter to include in your email marketing campaign, email writing ai tool, With this AI tool, you can create high-converting subject lines and increase your open and response rate faster!

The Subject Line

The subject line of an email is what people first see when your message arrives in their box. It essentially acts of the headline or title of the piece, so if you want customers to open the mail you’ve just sent them, then you really need to nail the subject line. For starters, think of something novel or interesting for your ‘headline’. Nobody will open your email if it’s saying what has already been said before. Also, many people confuse spam for legitimate emails nowadays, so make sure you don’t fall into that category.

Secondly, try inspiring a sense of urgency in customers with your subject line. This will make them feel as though they must open the email now, as opposed to later. On top of that, your subject line needs to convey that reading your newsletter will be of benefit to customers. If they don’t have anything to gain from opening the email, then most people just won’t. Next, your subject line needs to be specific. What’s the newsletter about? What’s the overarching theme? Keep your target audience in mind, and tailor the subject line towards something that will be of interest to them.

Finally, we recommend looking at plenty of examples for the best email subject lines. By analysing how others have succeeded, you can implement these strategies into your own newsletter for email marketing.

A Strong Structure

Many amateur writers overlook the importance of structure – don’t make that same mistake with your newsletter. Not only does a good structure help to improve the clarity of your piece, but it also sharpens its level of focus and creates a more compelling newsletter overall. Nobody wants to read a block of text which is several pages long. A good newsletter structure should break the content into digestible chunks with distinct sections that each have subheadings. What these are will depend on what the subject matter or purpose of your newsletter is. For example, an email advertising a competition should be broken down into numbered paragraphs which give instructions on how to enter.

Compelling Content

As we mentioned before, your newsletter needs to contain information, which is intriguing, novel and of benefit to the customer. Otherwise, they won’t have any reason or compulsion to keeping reading. When writing your content, always be mindful of how interesting what you’re writing really is. Ask yourself honestly – would you keep reading this newsletter if you weren’t an employee of the company? If the answer is no, then you need to rethink things. Typically, we recommend only writing a newsletter when you have something newsworthy to say. Some examples of newsworthy information include when you have a competition, promotion or discount going with your company. You can also justify writing a newsletter whenever you’re rolling out a new range of products or services. Seasonal newsletters or updates relating to topical events are good, too. Regarding the balance of promotional content versus informational content, it’s better to focus on the latter with a newsletter. You can be equally persuasive without being outright about your email marketing.

Writing Technique

For those struggling to figure out how to make their writing more interesting, a good rule of thumb is to keep things simple. That might sound counterintuitive to some, but it’s not. By keeping to the point, you avoid rambling, which is a massive turnoff to consumers. Moreover, this ensures you’re only focusing on the important stuff which is actually of interest to readers. Ensuring your writing is as simple and easy to read as possible is also a must. If people feel like they’re having to labour through your email, they’ll simply stop reading. So, avoid big words which make your message inaccessible to some. Use long sentences sparingly. Vary your sentence length to improve the flow of your writing, drawing the readers in without them realising it. Finally, you should focus on using persuasive techniques. This could be anything from emotive language to rhetorical questions and imperatives. Convey what exactly makes your product better than the rest, why your customers need it, and why they need it now.


Before sending out your eNewsletter, you should first check the grammar. Nothing will discredit what you’re saying more than bad spelling and syntax. It also makes your company look less professional and reflects poorly on the quality of your product or service. Once your newsletter is polished off, it’s time to implement the links to your company website into the body of the text. These links are what will drive traffic towards your business. It could even be said that they’re the most important factor in writing a newsletter for your email marketing campaign. Generally, companies will integrate links into their newsletters by using phrases which call readers to action. Popular examples of this include ‘find out more here’ or ‘sign up today’. As you can see, both these phrases make use of persuasive techniques, being imperatives. Ensure all your links are working before sending out your newsletter via email. Otherwise, you won’t be able to effectively drive traffic to your business, or definitively measure the effectiveness of your newsletter.

These are our top tips for writing an effective newsletter for your email marketing campaign. Focus on creating content, which is newsworthy and subtly persuasive, whilst being easy to read. Always have your readers in mind as you’re writing.

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