SEO Techniques Proven to Drive Organic Growth

Written by Jimmy Rustling

SEO marketing is the best way for small businesses to be competitive. Other advertising platforms are expensive, and advertising online is mostly free. However, success also depends on the techniques used to attract attention. Considering the number of companies advertising online, it’s not easy to stand out. With the aid of the best Salt Lake SEO companies and their marketing plans, it’s possible to reach the top and drive organic growth.

Improve user experience

The first tip in attracting more attention is by improving the user experience. It’s not enough to convince people to visit the page. Once they’re already there, the website should have something interesting to offer. Otherwise, they will leave without exploring the page or doing any other transaction. Start by changing some elements like color, font, and pictures. They have to be more interesting. The organization should also be better. Give users a reason to like the site and eventually turn into a loyal customer.

Focus on voice search optimization 

Back then, the focus is only on optimizing the right keywords when typed in Google. Today, more people start to use their voices when searching for information online. It’s also due to the rise of voice assistant technology such as Siri and Alexa. Optimizing written and spoken keywords require different approaches. When people look for information using their voices, it’s usually using longer phrases. Therefore, moving forward, SEO strategies should do both.

Improve websites for mobile device use

More people open websites using their mobile devices. It’s easier and more convenient. The number is even higher in recent years with more than half of internet users look for information on mobile devices. Not having a mobile-friendly website is detrimental to the business. Potential customers might decide to look for other options. They won’t wait for the website to load on their mobile devices before exploring the page. They will immediately jump to the next website on the list.

Write longer and quality content

Online advertising isn’t always about telling people to buy something. It’s annoying to constantly receive messages that tell people to buy items. Instead, the content should be more useful. Writing articles explaining the benefits of using the products would be better. Anything related to the industry would also appeal to the readers. Longer content is more popular since it has complete details. People searching for information will only go to one place instead of moving from one page to another. The lengthy content is also a sign of hard work and research. It’s more appealing to audiences. The information needs to be up-to-date, fresh, and accurate. Editing the details and checking every aspect is crucial in preventing mistakes.

Link with authority sites

People trust authority sites. These are popular pages that usually appear on top of search engines. Linking to these websites will help the business become more reliable. It’s also useful in ranking higher in Google. The algorithms will favor content that links to other top websites.

Always write for human readers

SEO writing is different from other usual writing outputs. Usually, the most important information is in the first few paragraphs. People don’t have time to go through the entire article. When writing creative stories or novels, the excitement keeps building up. Another difference is that SEO writing needs to have the right keywords scattered throughout the article.  They could be on the title, first paragraph, subheading, and final paragraph, as advised by the best Salt Lake SEO companies. The keywords should also blend naturally within the article. It helps tell Google that the content optimizes certain keywords so when people search for them, the link will appear on the first pages.

The problem is that some writers are too technical. They feel more concerned about the algorithms reading the content instead of human readers. While it’s important to consider the placement of the keywords, the priority should be the human readers. They have to understand the content and find it easy to go through the information. Otherwise, it won’t mean anything. The site could rank high in search engines, but no one would find the page valuable.

Determine what people want 

Always use the data analytics tools available. Find out what people know. Focus on the information that they find interesting. If previous content became viral because of the information presented, future content should give them the same benefits.

Improve the images

Even the pictures used on the website are also important. They need to be of top quality. Avoid using stock photos. No one can relate to these images. If possible, use pictures of real people using the products. They are more relatable. Since algorithms couldn’t decide the relevance of pictures, it helps to use the right file name. The pictures should contain the keywords as part of the file name.

Use social media

An excellent way to attract more attention is by using social media. Post the links to the website on social media accounts. It also helps to partner with other companies or individuals who have a huge following on social media platforms. Social media is powerful since it can reach a lot of people. Of course, it’s important to use social media correctly. The posts should be interesting and easy to follow. There should be regular updates so that people will think that the business exists and provide quality services.

Seek help from the best SEO companies

Going through the process can be a complicated task. It’s challenging to determine which strategies would be appealing to potential customers. Even if the SEO campaign is successful, there’s no guarantee that those who visited the page will eventually become customers. The assistance offered by the experts at the best Salt Lake SEO companies could go a long way. These SEO experts understand the process well. They also helped other businesses before reach the top in the search engine rankings. Even small business owners who recently open their businesses managed to immediately make a name because of a successful online marketing campaign. It takes a while to convince people to purchase the items, but it’s possible with hard work.

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