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What is a Labour Hire Service?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Usually, when hiring an employee, you need to study the resumes of all applicants for a long time and carefully, conduct an interview, or even a few only in person. In recent days, there has been a trend towards labour hire services in one day, minimizing the cost of recruiting.

Employment work is work in which a person enters into an explicit (written or oral) or implicit employment contract that guarantees him/her a basic remuneration (usually in money) that does not directly depend on the income of the unit where the person works.

Depending on the nature of the contract, labour-hire in Melbourne services employ the following types of workers:

  • hired under a written employment contract for an indefinite period;
  • hired for a specified period;
  • employees working on the basis of a verbal agreement.

Labour hire in New South Wales allows you not only to reduce the costs of the enterprise, which you will spend in search of the necessary specialists, but also discards any risks, responsibility and time spent.

What are the advantages of labour hire services?

Looking sometimes at the low efficiency of production, it is hard to understand what the matter is as everything seems to work. Only few people understand that this is due to the wrong approach of management to solving personnel issues. So, in this case labour hire in Melbourne is the right decision. Such services boast the following advantages:

  • The sooner the decision on hiring is made, the sooner a new employee will start performing his/her duties;
  • Productivity does not decrease, as business processes do not stop (there is no downtime due to the absence of worker);
  • There is no unnecessary workload of employees who have to take on responsibilities for a vacant position.

As a rule, such workers already have the necessary knowledge and experience in a particular area, they quickly get involved in the work, and perform it with high quality. The main factor to pay attention to when using labour hire services, is a person’s productivity, that is, his/her ability to achieve the desired results of work. He/she will benefit the company by only being responsible for a particular field to eventually bring the desired results of work in his/her position.

An underproductive person simply will not be able to successfully cope with the workload and achieve the goals. Practice shows that it is very difficult to increase human productivity. Raising the awareness level and developing the necessary professional skills, as a rule, is much faster and easier. That is why we recommend choosing candidates first of all according to the degree of their productivity.

In addition, competent specialists with extensive experience and a high level of professional knowledge, as a rule, are very expensive in the labor market. And not every company is capable of paying the salaries that candidates with previous work experience want, for example, in international companies. Therefore, it is often much more profitable to hire a person with no work experience and grow him/her into a competent specialist by training in your company.


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