Why Buying Caviar Can Be An Attainable Experience

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Good caviar has a reputation for being a high-end, unaffordable addition to a meal: a tiny amount of luxury food for hundreds of dollars per ounce. Thanks to the use of less utilized seafood sources and responsible farming of eggs, the lowest prices in the US for caviar have been achieved by a collective of responsible farmers, allowing purchases of large quantities of product to lead to more affordable, high-quality caviar for the public.

Luxury Caviar Can Be Enjoyed By Everyone

Our sustainable and environmentally responsible fisheries have focused on the most celebrated breeds of fish, such as a Kaluga Hybrid Sturgeon and Ossetra Sturgeon (Ossetra Caviar is only eclipsed by top dollar Beluga in quality and flavor) in a controlled fishery environment to aid in ensuring the health of the fish while repopulating the source fish to keep a steady population of the highest quality sturgeon for a fruitful spawn.

While historically only the rich could enjoy the unique and healthy snack that is caviar, lower prices mean that a whole new demographic of Americans can sample the delights of high-quality caviar. By buying caviar in quantity from the best, responsible fisheries, the lowest prices on quality caviar in the US are found at Imperia.

How To Enjoy Caviar

Good caviar does not need any accompaniment, aside from perhaps good, dry champagne or a shot of ice-cold vodka. The traditional accouterment array with a caviar presentation includes toast points, blinis (small buckwheat flour pancakes with Russian origins), minced hard-cooked egg yolks, minced egg whites, creme fraiche, sour cream, minced onion, and lemon wedges. These items can elevate and compliment the flavor of the caviar, providing a vehicle to get them to the mouth where the extraordinary and unique “pop” of the caviar in the mouth unleashes its characteristically briny flavor that is loved by so many as a delicacy that is unparalleled by any other luxury food.

It is recommended not to chew, but to allow the buttery spheres to burst on the tongue. Large bites of caviar are unnecessary to fully enjoy; a small amount of caviar, a half teaspoon at most, will allow the most enjoyment of the unique qualities of the food. Metal spoons are said to affect the flavor of the caviar, so spoons can be obtained that are made of mother of pearl or bone for serving. The dish containing the caviar is usually set on a bed of crushed ice.

More contemporary serving ideas include: slicing cucumbers into a thin round, adding a dollop of creme fraiche and a sprinkle of caviar. Another interesting and considerably more filling idea is to use a hollowed-out baked potato skin to present a sampling of good smoked salmon and caviar, with a smattering of sour cream. Toast points, spread with butter and cream cheese, and sprinkled with capers, then topped with good smoked salmon and caviar is a nice appetizer. Add freshly chopped dill or parsley for a bit of color.

Potato pancakes are another traditional accompaniment to good caviar. It is a simple recipe: one grated raw potato, with a beaten egg, salt, and pepper. Heat butter in a skillet over medium heat, and drop teaspoons of the grated potato mixture into the pan, flattening them with a spatula or a fork to make a pancake. Cook until golden on both sides. Serve these with caviar and creme fraiche.

Caviar Is No Longer An Unaffordable Addition To Your Table

Caviar is a show stopper at any gathering; a rare and indulgent treat that is not your everyday snack. At Imperia, the highest quality caviar can be obtained in several different sizes to suit your needs.

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