Fallout 4 Mini Game Lets You Play Oblivion on Your Pip-Boy

As the weeks go by, more and more hidden content is being discovered by Fallout 4 players, and what they just uncovered may leave the current gen gamers feeling a bit of nostalgia find more here.

Bethesda announced long ago that players would be able to find special items around the postapocalyptic Fallout world that would allow them to play mini-games on their in-game Pip-Boy. These “tapes” that the player finds can be plugged into your Pip-Boy and, when the game is paused, allows the player to partake in parodied versions of Donkey Kong, Asteroids, Space Invaders, and even a text based adventure game for the real Old School crowd. But these age old video games aren’t the only thing the Pip-Boy gaming system holds for players. If you can find it, there is a secret tape that allows wastelanders to play the entire Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on their Pip-Boy. The version even includes the Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine DLC.

War, war never changes…
War, war never changes…

A lot of players out there are thoroughly enjoying being able to play the 2006 game on their new in-game interface.

“This is awesome. I’ve gotten myself lost in an Inception style game within a game kind of thing. I’ve played more Oblivion than I have Fallout!” said Metacritic user lond0nger669.

Professional gamer Patrick Redleaf said, “This is awesome. I never got into Oblivion when it came out. Seemed kinda dorky to me. But I love Fallout 4. Probably spent about 250 hours on it now. Once I found the Oblivion mini game, I never stopped playing. I’ll probably put more time into this little Pip-Boy game than into the real Fallout!”

Obviously, a lot of players are feeling the tug of their old gen games.

deathclaw beatdown

With all of these “tapes” that Bethesda has offered in addition to the core gameplay of Fallout 4, there is plenty to keep gamers occupied. Hopefully sometime in the near future Fallout 4 will receive its own DLC. But for now we will have to be happy with all the hidden content that the game has to offer like the recently discovered Diamond City Strip Club

The Oblivion mini-game includes all available DLC including Rosethorn Hall, The Pirates Stronghold, and The Vile Lair. According to Bethesda, a separate tape needs to be found to play the Mehrunes Dagon DLC.

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