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5 Style Staples That Never Go Out Of Style

Written by Jimmy Rustling

What makes a piece of clothing or an accessory timeless? It can be hard to say exactly the requirements, and yet most of us know those pieces when we see them, and over time we typically aim to invest in them.

If you’ve reached that phase in your life when it’s time to start filling out your wardrobe with the items you’ll wear for years to come, don’t get distracted by attractive but unnecessary frills. 

Instead, slow down and pay attention – these are the five pieces you can’t live without and should be shopping for.

A Little Black Dress

A piece straight out of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you know the little black dress is a real classic because top stylists regularly refer to it simply as an LBD. Though there are countless iterations of this essential piece, what ultimately matters is that you have one you love in your closet. With that, you’ll never have to shop for a cocktail party or nice dinner again.

A Simple Watch

There are a few big-name watches like Rolex that are considered to be uniquely timeless, and it’s true that every Rolex is well-made, elegant, and functional. It’s also out of budget for most people. When it comes to a timepiece, then, you don’t need a Rolex so much as you need a simple watch that you can pair with a blazer or dress when you go to work, or jeans and a t-shirt when you’re hanging out with friends.

A Workhorse Wallet

One way that you can identify a timeless piece from a fashion perspective is that the item is made to last. Trend-driven fast fashion falls apart, but a nice cotton dress shirt, a good pair of boots, or a well-made leather wallet can last a lifetime with proper care. 

In fact, you probably have family members that have had the same leather wallet for decades. It may look worn and is likely as soft as a baby’s skin, but there’s a reason they still carry it – because it does the work.

A Classic Crewneck

Interchangeable for a cardigan depending on your overall style, a solid colored crewneck or cardigan in a soft material like merino or cashmere will help you transition other elements of your wardrobe through the seasons or transform a dress for the office. 

These staple sweaters are also valuable because they pair with everything from jeans and a t-shirt to officewear or that outfit you put together to go to the theater.

A Tailored Tench

Designers and stylists have been reimagining the trench coat and putting it on the runway for years, and with good reason: it’s a flawless silhouette, as well as a practical garment. Since this is an investment piece, find a well-made trench in an overall design you love and spend the extra to get it tailored. Simple changes like adjusting the sleeve and hem length and taking in the waist to make it more defined will turn a piece of basic outerwear into a stunning statement.

One of the best things about timeless fashion is that you can safely spend a little more, either on the item itself or on alterations, and know that you’ll get years of use out of it, so remember that these pieces are investments. 

Take the time to plan out what you want and need, find the perfect fit, and create a wardrobe that works. That way, you’ll never again wake up and feel like you just don’t have a thing to wear.

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