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How to Find a Reliable Slavic Hair Extensions Supplier in Canada?

Hair extensions are a sought-after procedure among clients and good business for hairstylists. To make it profitable, it is important to find quality materials that satisfy even the most demanding clients.

For the latter, it’s better off to buy hair extensions wholesale.

Read in our material how to understand that you have found a reliable supplier of such products and where it is most profitable to buy real Slavic hair.

How Do I Know if My Hair Vendor Is Good?

Work with experienced stylists, choose quality natural hair from a reliable supplier, and you will be able to achieve all your business goals: to make a significant profit and satisfy customers.  With this approach, your salon will have an impeccable reputation with no bad reviews.

Below you will find 5 important points for a successful search of a good hair supplier:

  1. Review all companies that offer such materials. See what they publish on their website and what guarantees they offer. This will help you to know if they are competent in this matter.
  2. Try to contact the brand in person to get answers to any questions you may have.
  3. Check the feedback of buyers who have previously purchased this product.
  4. Find out the terms of sale for the buyers who want to purchase hair extensions wholesale. If during such a conversation a representative of the company offers a bonus – too low price, you should be careful. This could be a wake-up call, indicating you’ve encountered frauds offering low-quality materials. Remember, good natural Slavic or Russian hair can’t be too cheap!
  5. Place trial order. You’ll receive samples to get your own impression of the product quality before offering it to your customers.

Meet Your Reliable Slavic Hair Extensions Supplier in Canada and the US

Slavic hair is a premium quality raw material supplied from Ukraine and Russia.

At the moment there is only one brand in North America, which offers Authentic natural Slavic and Russian hair, which are collected by hand, undergo strict quality control and the most delicate processing – it is the company I Love Slavic Hair.

Top stylists from all corners of the world prefer the products of this company: soft, smooth and silky hair, with healthy and neat tips.

Choosing I Love Slavic Hair, you will have a great selection of the best materials, customer-oriented service and the possibility to purchase hair extensions wholesale, which makes such a purchase very advantageous for each stylist. You can look at all available hair extensions on their website.

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