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5 Tips to Help You Use Social Media in A Healthy Way

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Social media has many benefits and still has adownside. It is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends. You can share interests, hobbies, and more about what you like on the various platforms. Also, you can use blast up to buy Instagram views, likes or boost your social media engagement, especially for businesses. However, if you are not careful, social media can drain you emotionally, especially if you are on it daily and for hours. Below are tips to help you healthily manage your social media.

Take a Wi-Fi-free vacation 

When was the last time you enjoyed the company ofpeople around you with no Wi-Fi connection? Social media can diminish real happiness and genuine social interaction. But, it does not mean you do awaywith all of it. To enjoy, you need to have good social media management, and it is not turning into an addiction. Take a break from having Wi-Fi on your devices. Itwill surprise you how much you miss in real life as you scroll through the media feeds. You do not have to go on a trip. You can start with leaving your phone the next time you take a stroll in your neighborhood. Listen to thebirds’ tweet, watch children play in the park and everything around you.

Use an alarm clock

Use an actual alarm clock instead of the one on your mobile phone. Using your mobile phones alarm clock only leads you to log in to social media once you silence the alarm. This is a poor habit to have, especially in the morning. Social media can shift your energy in the morning from what you feed yourself from the posts you see. Using an actual alarm clock allows you to wake up, stretch, shower, feed your pet, dress up and enjoy yourbreakfast before you even check your phone. Try this and notice how happy you will be and how productive your day will turn out for your not scrolling beforethe sun rises.

Seek professional help

Are you finding it challenging to disconnect fromsocial media? You should seek help from a professional. Social media is amazing. But when it affects your everyday interactions and life tasks, it is heading to a toxic road. By seeking professional help, you can shift the social media toxicity to empowerment. A specialist in cyber education or technology addiction will help you through it. So, if you feel drained emotionally fromstalking or trolling social media, stop. Technology addiction is real today, but you can get treatment to prevent it getting toxic.

Disable notifications and respond off-line

To use social media best, choose a time touse it. Alternatively, use it when you have to and not anytime you feel bored. Frequent social media less, especially when you feel bored. In this way, you will feel different and happier, and you get to achieve other things. Silence the notifications from all the platforms, unless it is abusiness where you need to keep on replying to messages. Sometimes, social media gossip, drama, and other affairs can catch up with you and divert allyour attention to it. When at work, focus on your work. Put your phone in your drawer or bag to focus on the work at hand other than social media. In this way, you become a better employee, and your productivity increases.

Remember, not all of it is true

Social media profiles are an edited version ofsomeone’s show life. People edit images and post updates that depict happiness, success, and milestone and do not focus on anything else. If you are notcareful, people will fool you to think they are happy and more prosperous and if it’s true or not. Therefore, if your social media updates make you feel unsuccessful or inferior, you should know that most of these are distortedposts. Also, do not fall into the temptation to follow suit and heavily edit your posts to fit in with others, and you know you are living a lie. So, avoid falling into these traps and know they are not entirely true.

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