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Artificial Intelligence The Future of Digital Marketing

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Marketing is a compulsory factor for any business. Before the internet came into existence, traditional methods of marketing like the door to door advertisement, store questionnaires, flyers, brochures, and handbooks were in vogue. With the advent of technology, the internet came to play a very important role in the entirety of marketing. A virtual form of business interaction emerged, this was called digital marketing.

Digital marketing is the use of internet tools and online platforms to drive sales, engagements, communications, and services of a business or brand. Unlike the traditional means of advertising, digital marketing came with convenience and efficiency, and as expected, people adopted this means of marketing in no time. As modifications came in to improve the services and efficiency of digital marketing, a higher and more intelligent technology was birthed, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.

Artificial intelligence is an advanced form of machine intelligence that carries out tasks with little input from the user. As the demands in digital marketing continued to rise, more sophisticated and efficient technology was required, one only AI can offer.

AI Marketing

AI marketing adopts the use of artificial intelligence to leverage the data of customers and improve the customer services which they render. AI marketing gives room for digital marketers to boost the performance of their campaign and the revenue they generate on income. AI carries out major technical areas of the business, allowing you to focus on other areas. Artificial intelligence is a more advanced form of technology that offers more services with fewer errors. The use of artificial intelligence in marketing is the future.

Ways Which AI Has Proven To Be the Future of Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence has applied methods that it uses to bring a drastic and improved change to marketing. This method allows the process of digital marketing to be a lot more straightforward, faster, and more efficient. The following are methods adopted by the AI system, which enables it to give better results;

  • Machine Learning

Machine learning is a type of technology under AI whereby machines are sufficient enough to solve problems and figure out solutions based on previous data entry and on a real-time basis, which allows them to learn on their own. This part of AI brings the feeling that in the nearest future, business decisions will begin to be made by machines, thereby creating more time for workers and owners of businesses to focus more on their human activities.

  • Insight Integration

AI is also very useful in the aspect of information gathering and data integration on sets that originate from different varieties of software and tools for collection. The more development it undergoes for this particular purpose, the higher the efficiency and effectiveness it will be in targeting and customizing digitally advertisement campaigns, which are based on the avatars of customers and purchasing journeys. Also, through the use of meta-analysis, data sets can be captured by AI in more complex ways than humans can currently and not just with the use of tools.

  • Semantic Searching

Machines can understand the contextual searches of the users to give a series of customized search results. The AI can do this by following the details about the meaning of specific search phrases and patterns inputted by the user. It is programmed to understand SEO optimization, thereby bringing to contents concerning your search. This feature can also comprehend more complex as well as complicated relationships or connections between the various data sets. Several SEO experts already use this feature. You can run a check by putting SEO Experts Sydney, or followed by the name of your state, in your search engine. You’ll be directed to a reliable SEO expert service in Sydney. These experts are tasked with helping you to analyze and generate content that would help you achieve a great online presence.

  • Creation and Curation of Contents.

AI also plays a significant role in the leading generation of content creation. The use of AI is also applicable to various programs. It is also useful in data gathering as well as reporting on it in fields like sports, finances, and information on the market. AI has a function and capacity of selecting several essential contents to be displayed based on the preference of the user, and this varies between users.

  • Speech Recognition and Voice Search

AI is capable of handling a various number of searches, some of which are voice recognition and voice search. Voice recognition entails the use of AI to scan the sound-based entity, which is the voice and match it to a dataset that was previously stored or store it. It also allows the use of sound to give and accept commands. For example, the artificial intelligence known as “Siri” which exists on the iPhone takes voice commands to carry out tasks.

  • Chatbots

These are automated tools primarily responsible for interaction with customers. Chatbots, equipped with the capability of answering questions that are basic and can also fulfill orders. Used by companies of different sizes, and they are the backbone of rendering a 24/7 service and support because they are always readily available, giving rise to an efficient service.

  • Personalization and Automation

Currently, AI used to understand the behavior and decisions made by purchasers, and the more successful in this aspect, the more customer preferences which advertisers will be able to target with the use of marketing strategies. AI applications also use large amounts of data to direct information, which noticed in ad targeting.


Comparing traditional marketing methods to AI marketing, we see that there are various restrictions on which surface since it solely run by humans who are not always readily available. The traditional methods of digital marketing, which depended on social media, only give access for promotion to immediate connections and persons. On the other hand, AI breaks through all of these restrictions and pushes the development forwards to various potential clients far and wide and gives better results.

Multiple tools like chatbots that provide around the clock support service, machine learning, which is capable of solving problems as humans would and with better efficiency give the AI-based digital marketing an edge over the traditional digital marketing. In essence, any business be it a big or small one, an already developed company, or a start-up should consider incorporating AI digital marketing to increase the success rate of their business and produce excellent results.

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