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Bend, Oregon: One of the Uncomparable World Destinations

“Blend” is one of the heavenly places of the Earth where its beauty enhances with its in-depth exploration. Located in Central Oregon, 160 miles away from Portland, it sits at an elevation of 3,623’ where one can witness a “high desert” climate.

Summers, fall, winters or spring, all are the enjoyable seasons; regardless of the time, you plan to visit the place all year around. Summers are hot and sunny with cool nights where winters being chilly, portray a totally different view of the place covered with white and pure snow.

One can expect outdoorsy adventures, a romantic getaway, a family vacation, all from this site alike. If planning to fly to Bend, the closest airport would be in the city of Redmond (Redmond Municipal Airport). You can avail offers on United Airlines booking, American Airlines flight tickets as there are only a few air carriers who operate here.

Whether you go with a motive to relax or to adore the outdoors, Bend will come up to as said,  offering you the unexpected and never-seen-before sightseeing areas. Without much ado, let me make you familiar with some of the eccentric places of the mountain resort town.

# Bend Ale Trail

Bend is popular for its world-class beers, wineries, breweries, and distilleries. There’s no better way to taste your way across the Bend by taking a Bend Ale Trail Tour. There are different breweries of Bend where one can check out what each one has to offer at its best. 

One can get the brewery stamps on the passports (one per person) to receive souvenirs and Bend commemorates. Get the most out of your brewery experience and checkout the best breweries along with their maps.

It’s here that you can enjoy the ice-cold pint of beer offered in lively tasting rooms and entertaining fun events in order to add it to the collection of life-long travel memories.

# Mt. Bachelor

Source: Visitbend

First things first, you might wonder why it’s named as Mt. Bachelor? The mountain stands high apart from the Three Sister Peaks nearly located so is called Bachelor. The winters are really busy with some adventurous activities like skiing and snowboarding, and other recreational activities include snowshoeing, snow tubing, dog sledging, and more.

Oe can go hiking snowshoes to the South Sister, the third tallest peak in Oregon and can look up to to the Tumalo Mountain Trail to encounter some gorgeous views. For having a safe and sound trekking experience, make sure you check the weather to ensure clear skies. 

Prefer to check out events on the mountain on their website prior to your visit.


# High Desert Museum

            Source: Mid Oregon

The museum is a unique and eccentric exhibit to know more and in-depth about the locals and the past. The serene place aims its focus to portray the history and the traditional living style of the people.

The High Desert Museum is an exquisite location depicting Bend in the early 1900s. While roaming around, visitors can even interact with the live characters displaying their culture and conventional living.

The 135-acre location showcases local art, ancient time, wildlife, etc. having both indoor and outdoor exhibits to catch and capture memory shots. Surprisingly, there are many live animals at the museum that help illustrate what kinds of critters live in the local environment until today.

History lovers, don’t forget your camera to collect some past time remembrances of the Bend’s magnificent art and architecture.

# Les Schwab Amphitheater

        Source: Bend Lifestyle

It’s one of the best concert venue places perched right on the banks of the river in the Old Mill District. The Amphitheater is a fabulous outdoor space that hosts both free and ticketed concerts and events. 

The gathering and the crowd is quite good, having the facilities of food and drink (beer carts on hand).

One can check out the calendar for upcoming events.

# Golfing

People who love golfing can enjoy the same while being in the beer capital of Oregon. Bend possess more than two dozens of golf courses where these courses vary in the price range and skill level. 

Golf lovers can not afford to visit the renowned and award-winning Tetherow golf course in Bend, which gives you spectacular views of the surrounded Cascade peaks while into play. Make sure you visit the place on time as this course gets filled early with the locals and visitors alike.

# Tumalo Falls

Source: Rove me

Its an 89 feet tall waterfall situated a bit far(20 miles away) from Bend. To reach this destination, you have many options. You can choose a loop trail along the river (quite trafficked) with an approx distance of 7 miles or can drive down to the base location of the falls or, the last one, take short uphill trek ¼ mile each way, reaching the top of the Tumalo falls.

The Tumalo Creek trail is open to both dog and mountain bikers. The 7-mile hike will also be of great fun where you will enjoy the peaceful riverside walk with mesmerizing views of the surroundings.

If choosing to drive to the waterfall, beware of the narrow and unpaved roads which may cause unease and may not contribute to be an ideal drive for vacation. One can face difficulties with the parking space as well as the parking area is small and fully occupied.

# Smith Rock State Park

It’s one of the best places for climbers, where people from all over the US flock to the place to climb the rock, do hiking and biking and view the wildlife. The park has craggy rocks that cover 650 acres of wide space, thus, making great clicks.

Smith Rock State Park is something special which also provides tent camping on the first-come-first-serve basis. The park routes are ideal for all types of climbing, whether sport climbing, traditional climbing or bouldering.

It’s true when we say that there is no scarcity of natural beauty and landscapes in and around Bend, and it is recommended to visit the place once in a lifetime to praise God’s creation.

Last but not Least!

Bend: famously known as the Dubbed outdoor playground of the West is called so for thousands of realistic reasons. Your Bend tour will come to an end with a happy smile lingering on your face and you will believe whats all written here with the days that will follow on your trip.

Without any traces of doubt, the mountain peaks, the astonishing breweries’ experience, jaw-dropping landscape’s beauty, the exciting ancient culture, the tranquil atmosphere will continue to add to its beauty today and beyond. 

Happy Travelling!

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