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Ensure Proper Testosterone Replacement Therapy with the Help of Your Nearest Temecula Testosterone Clinic

Testosterone is a hormone that helps a man’s body in many ways, not just a healthy sex drive. There are different effects of the hormone in your health which is why before taking medications, make sure that you go to your nearest Temecula testosterone clinic first to get yourself evaluated because testosterone replacement will have an effect on your body fat, muscle mass, bone density, red blood cell count, and even your mood.

Normally, testosterone levels are only around 300 and 1,000 ng/dL. To check if you have normal testosterone levels, you can get a blood test that will show your testosterone levels, and if it is relatively lower than the normal range of testosterone, then the doctor may suggest that you undergo testosterone replacement therapy, should you qualify to have one.

For testosterone injections, these are mostly administered by your doctor, and the injection site is normally the gluteal muscles that are located in your buttocks. But, there are also other methods aside from injection, sound wave treatment for ed. Just make sure that it is doctor-prescribed.

How to Determine Low Testosterone Level?

When men start to hit the ages of 30s or 40s, they tend to start to lose some of their testosterone. However, there are other men who suffer from a rapid decline in testosterone levels, and this indicates a problem that is commonly called “Low T”.

Low T can cause the following symptoms to show:

  1. You may tend to suffer erectile dysfunction (ED);
  2. You may experience changes in your sex drive;
  3. You may suffer from decreased sperm count;
  4. You may experience depression or anxiety;
  5. You may gain weight; or
  6. You may experience hot flashes.

There are also others who experience noticeable changes in the size of their penis and testicles. Others may even experience breast swelling.

How can Low Testosterone be Diagnosed?

There are men who want by themselves when it comes to knowing if they have Low T or not. However, the drawback of getting a self-diagnosis is that you may misconstrue other symptoms as part of Low T when in fact it is just associated with aging. So, it is really recommended that you get to your nearest Temecula testosterone clinic and have a proper check-up.

So, if the result of the exam will show that you have indeed Low T, then your doctor may suggest for you to undergo testosterone replacement therapy.

Are there any Benefits in Doing Testosterone Replacement?

The main reason why men should undergo testosterone replacement is so that their hormones will be regulated thereby addressing problems that are associated with Low T. So, if you are undergoing testosterone replacement because of Low T, then you may experience the following benefits:

  1. An improvement in your sex drive;
  2. An improvement on symptoms of erectile dysfunction;
  3. You will have higher energy levels because of increased testosterone;
  4. The testosterone influx can help in mood improvement;
  5. Your sperm count will also increase because of testosterone replacement.

Body Reactions to Changes in Testosterone Levels?

  • The body will experience changes in fat and muscle structure

The body fat in men has been generally less than that of women. One main factor is related to testosterone. For the body to have proper fat distribution and muscle, testosterone levels play a vital role. If a man has low T, then you will start to notice an increase in the person’s body fat, especially in the midsection area.

Testosterone also helps in the regulation of muscle growth. So if a person has low T, then he may feel like he is losing muscle size or muscle strength. But, this condition only occurs if the testosterone level is constantly at low levels, and it stays severely low for a long period of time.

By getting testosterone shots, the deficiency will be filled in and this will eventually help in the regulation of fat distribution. However, you should not expect so much weight changes from testosterone replacement therapy alone. And as to muscle maintenance, testosterone replacement therapy only helps in gaining muscle mass, but not muscle strength.

  • Your sperm count will change

One effect of low testosterone level is a decrease in the sperm count. If you are trying to conceive with your partner then this is going to be one problem area for you because it will be harder to get your partner pregnant with a low sperm count. But, if you are to rely on testosterone injections alone, this is still not a guarantee of getting your partner pregnant. Because too much testosterone is still going to lead to reduced sperm count.

How Much Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Usually Cost?

The usual cost of 1ml of Depo-Testosterone is around $30. This is still of the same amount as a generic version which runs only at $12-$26. The shots are usually administered every two to four weeks so, depending on the patient’s need, the cost will run from $24 up to $120 per month.

Of course, the amount indicated above only covers the drug itself and not the total cost of the treatment. So, if the testosterone shots are being administered by your doctor, then you still have to pay for the doctor’s fees including consultation hours. And if you prefer to inject testosterone shots by yourself, then you will still need to buy syringes and needles for the shots.

It should be stressed also that testosterone replacement therapy does not really cure the root cause of having low testosterone levels. It is just an aid in increasing testosterone levels so it can reach a normal range. Thus, you may be getting testosterone shots for as long as you will be needing them.

Health Risks Related to Testosterone Replacement Therapy

With testosterone shots, it will indeed answer every man’s problem with low testosterone levels. However, one must still be mindful because this does not come without any side effects. Therefore, it is crucial that you state your true health condition with your doctor before commencing testosterone replacement therapy.

If you have underlying heart disease, sleep apnea, or a high count of red blood cells, then your doctor may monitor you closely after administering the testosterone shots. If you are suffering from breast or prostate cancer, it is highly advised that you should not get testosterone shots because this will cause an adverse effect on your condition.

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