How to pick the right online casino

While the online casino industry is booming, so is their client pool. Online casinos will always be enticing. Bonuses, free spin offers, variety of games. Major ones have extravagant and exciting adverts playing on daytime TV or in the ad panels of websites. They will find you before you find them because they are eager marketers. It’s difficult to pick which online casino is the right one with all these options.

Knowing what’s what is key. Bonuses, free spin offers, and the variety of games are the main variables to compare across online casinos. It’s competitive. But that’s a good thing. These offers are there to be taken advantage of. They will work for you.

Things to keep in mind with these variables are the following:

  • Bonuses: some bonuses are contingent on the user being a new sign-up; some are contingent on the user playing a certain game at a certain time or winning during a certain scenario. Also, these bonuses can have expiry dates (“use the sign-up bonus within the first seven days”) or a maximum winnings cap (“$500 winnings limit”). The big one, though: wagering, also known as playthrough, requirements. A bonus might require you to wager the bonus (“wager 30x”) before being able to withdraw winnings. This means that you must bet the bonus, for instance, thirty times before collecting your winnings.
  • Free spin offers: these allow users to try out the online casino without committing any of their own money, or they can earn free spins after depositing a certain amount (“deposit $5 and get 50 free spins”). There are terms and conditions though. Expiry dates apply to these usually, capped winnings too, and, also, free spins might only apply for certain games.
  • Games: there will be games you want to play, the core ones and their variations. Not all sites will have the same ones. Matching which games you want to play, or try, with the bonuses and free spins will be an important factor in your decision.

Comparing these variables by going to each online casino’s page is the long way to do it. As is taking notes from their adverts. Here are ways to make things quicker:

  • Reviews: single writers for sites like Casino Today or community-run forums provide quick or detailed reviews of online casinos. These will detail the above-mentioned variables – bonuses, free spin offers, and the variety of games – and give their pros and cons.
  • Comparison sites: there are a few comparison sites which list mostly the major online casinos. They allow for an easy comparison of the headline bonuses and free spin offers, but the details of terms and conditions will require further research.
  • Licenses: a casino must have license to operate. On most online casinos, their license is displayed on their website’s footer. Scroll down and you should find it. Or you can use public registers of databases to search.
  • Awards: trust between user and online casino is key. Licenses go a long way to ensure and establish this, and awards can help that too. These awards point towards industry leaders. Keeping an eye on these awards and who wins can be a great help in your decision.

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