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Fake Watches: Do You See the Red Flags Yet?

Do you love collecting luxury watches? If yes, you need to be very careful as the market today is flooded with counterfeit watches. According to a recent research on fake watches, it is the appearance and the price of the watches that overpowers the quality when people plan to buy a new watch. This becomes an easy win for the counterfeiters and they tempt the buyers by offering them a fake watch at the best deal. Are you worried that you might also end up buying a fake Rolex submariner or Omega? Well, here we give you some simple tips to differentiate a real watch from a replica. Read on to know how you can track down a real watch and spot a fake one.

Research about the Product Specifications: It is always better to do good research from your side about the watch you plan to buy. Know the product specifications of the desired watch so that when you make the purchase you can easily compare the specifications and differentiate a real watch from a replica. Make yourself familiar with the trademark design, material, logos and stamps of the brand. Knowing how the watch exactly looks will save you from wasting your money on a fake watch.

Check the Ticking: Another smart way to spot a fake watch is by checking the ticking. Know that all real watches have a very smooth ticking mechanism and they do not create any ticking sound or noise. This is because all real watches have tiny particles that are carefully assembled to create extremely smooth mechanisms. Fake watches, on the other hand, lack this quality and can be identified through this easily. So if you notice that the watch is ticking loudly, chances are high that it is a counterfeit watch.

Weight it Out: Know that counterfeit watches are made using cheap materials and hence are lighter than original watches. Branded watches, on the other hand, are made with heavy metals, precious stones, silver, gold which make them heavier and sturdier than fake watches. Fake watches are nowhere as durable or steady as real watches. And, they are rougher too than the real deal! Fake watches will not have a smooth finish and can be sharp on the edges. They might mimic the texture, but if you look at them closely, you can easily figure out the irregularities.

Lastly, remember that if the watch deal is too good to be true, it probably isn’t true!

The above points can really help you in making a correct choice so keep them in mind when you plan to buy a luxury watch for yourself or your loved one. If you wish to buy a pre-owned Rolex oyster perpetual or Tissot, which is at par with a new piece, always choose an authentic reseller of luxury watches like Second Time Zone. It is the ultimate destination of pre-owned watches in India having the finest collection of watches that are carefully chosen for resale.

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