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How to Make High-Converting Express Checkout Pages

Shopping cart abandonment is something to focus on because your checkout page helps you bring profits. Seeing those online shopping carts being abandoned on your site can be mind-boggling and frustrating. It means that although people are willing to spend money on shopping online, there are those who do not complete their purchases. Therefore, you need to design your Express Checkout into a high converting page to avoid cart abandonment.

First, identify what is wrong with your checkout.

While the price has something to do with abandoning shopping carts online, many users have problems with security concerns, long checkout process, forced registration, or too much information and too many fields requirement. If your checkout looks like this, then shoppers may see it as an invaluable and friction-filled site.

Identifying issues with your express checkout page can help you improve your landing page, web design, etc. 

Improve Your Checkout Forms

  • Make the most of Google autofill

There is a high chance that many of your prospects are using Chrome or Android. Most likely, they already saved their personal information with Google.  So, take advantage of this in your forms by using Autofill. It is quite easy to implement, and Chrome, which is the largest desktop and mobile browser, supports it.

  • Utilize the mobile-first approach

There are about 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, making mobile a default platform for eCommerce shopping. So, when you boost your mobile site’s conversion rate, it can help increase your number of buyers. This includes designing an Express Checkout form that functions well on smaller screens.

Here are some tactics to use on your forms:

  • Use the native date selection user interface of the phone to select the date.
  • Avoid using menus and complex multi-steps during checkout.
  • Minimize the number of images you use so that your form will load faster on mobile devices.
  • Align the form fields vertically to make navigation much more manageable.
  • When selecting quantity, use mobile UI elements like buttons or selectors rather than a drop-down menu.
  • Use bigger buttons that are easy to tap.

Remind Your Buyers to Take Action Now by Creating Urgency

 When users are shopping and end up browsing, they feel as if they can come back again and purchase the items they want at any time. In other words, there is no need for them to take action now. What you need to do is add some urgency in the process of your checkout page to change the browsing mode into a buying mode.

One solution is to make your stock levels clear so that visitors are more inclined to buy when they get to the checkout page. It is an effective way to bring urgency into their shopping experience, encouraging them to click that buy button.

Another way to inject some urgency is to provide your customers with a deadline. When a user closes a landing page, a pop-up will inform them about discounted items. Consider creating a timer that tells your visitors how long a discounted offer is available until it expires.

The above ideas can help increase the conversion rate of your eCommerce site, reducing the shopping cart abandonment rate. The goal is to create a smooth process and take a multifaceted approach on your Express Checkout, pushing your customers to complete their transactions.

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