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Commercial cleaning services NYC are becoming an essential need of many manufacturing enterprises, factories, office buildings, etc. This is an advanced cleaning service using specialized equipment and advanced cleaning chemicals. Along with industrial processes to clean, increase the aesthetics of housing projects, companies.

If you are looking for a solution for cleaning houses, offices, factories? Want to save effort and time for cleaning? Odyssey’s commercial cleaning service will help you with this problem

Why should you use commercial cleaning service?

The environment of factories, offices and buildings are places that need regular cleaning. However, the workload of offices and factories is large and continuous, requiring a working environment to be guaranteed every day. Not only that, facilities, infrastructure of factories, offices such as machines, floors, walls … need regular maintenance and hygiene to ensure safety.

With a large and complex amount of cleaning work, regular detergents and equipment cannot be used. The surfaces of industrial wooden floors, marble floors, factory floors, carpets, sofas … need specialized detergents and hygienic techniques.

Besides, the cost of hiring outside cleaning staff is quite high. They are often untrained or inexperienced, without sponsors. That will bring many risks for tenants. Not only that, businesses are not supported with surveys, best quotes and regular maintenance. Those are the reasons you should use industrial cleaning services.

Reputable commercial hygiene brand in the industry

For years, Odyssey cleaning has been known as one of the pioneers in the field of industrial cleaning in melbourne City. We apply 5s standard and quality management system into cleaning technology.

With a staff of many years of experience, specialized chemicals, combined with modern equipment and machinery. Odyssey cleaning is always proud of being one of the companies that provide commercial cleaning services that meet the most stringent requirements and standards of customers.

The hygiene items we are serving include:

Building, office building

Hotels, restaurants, bars

Commercial center, bank

Entertainment area, cinema

Apartments, apartments

Shopping centre cleaning

Villa, household housing

Factories, factories, processing areas


With a branch system spread throughout Australia, we are confident we can provide services to customers as quickly as possible. Whether guests in the central district or neighboring provinces.

Benefits of using the service at Hygiene at Odyssey Cleaning

With the motto CUSTOMER IS THE CENTER, in addition to the cost of service, we also value PRESTIGE – QUALITY – CONFIDENTIAL SERVICE to bring the highest satisfaction to customers. Here are some benefits when customers use cleaning services at Odyssey.

✔ Professional, experienced, courteous, and enthusiastic staff always treat customers as Gods.

✔ With an in-depth understanding of sanitation, when using services at Odyssey, customers will be advised of the best solutions to save time, effort and cost.

✔ Services range from office to factory cleaning. You only need to contact Odyssey cleaning to resolve all issues.

✔ Apply advanced technology, modern equipment and equipment in the stage of cleaning, making sure all surfaces after cleaning are clean, clean.

✔ Odyssey cleaning uses specialized chemicals, with clear origins, tested as environmentally friendly and safe for humans.

✔ Reasonable cleaning service fee, suitable for all subjects

Cleaning process at Odyssey cleaning

Step 1: Survey and quote

Before starting any work, Odyssey cleaning managers will meet with potential customers, identify customer requirements, conduct surveys to determine which services are most suitable and expected costs. Optimal.

Step 2: Sign a service contract

Odyssey sends quotes, capacity profiles to customers. After the customer agrees, we will proceed to sign a service deployment contract.

Step 3: Deploy the service

After signing the contract, it will set the start time, the expected time to end … and implement the cleaning service, Odyssey’s manager will set up and supervise the staff to Ensuring hygienic quality is always maintained as committed with customers.

Step 4: Pay the service fee

After completing the work, will start conducting acceptance, if any unsatisfied customers will be cleaned again. Customers are satisfied and pay the service fee. You can pay by cash or bank transfer.

Four basic steps in industrial hygiene at Odyssey cleaning:

Step 1: Prepare

Before cleaning, whether it is a large or small project, Odyssey has a detailed plan such as how many people are needed, the number of machines, tools, equipment and chemicals including Now, is it working properly …

The careful preparation will help work proceed smoothly, avoiding affecting customers’ time.

Step 2: Clean the rough

Before cleaning the rough part, staff will conduct a neat arrangement of the furniture present in the area to be cleaned to avoid interfering with the working process and not affecting the quality of such furniture.

Staff will conduct garbage collection (large waste will be collected by hand and specialized tools), preliminary cleaning of the floor if the building is dusty. After being cleaned up, these wastes will be collected in bags, bins and gathered in the prescribed places. The rough cleaning will make cleaning easier.

Step 3: Clean the crystal

Odyssey carries out cleaning on the principle of from high to low, from the inside to the outside, the sanitation is partially finished, after cleaning, it will move to the next item.

Jobs in this section include:

Cleaning glasses

Mopping the floor

Clean ceilings, walls, windows and stairs

Clean windows, lighting systems, wires, electric fans

Clean interior furniture such as tables, chairs, shelves, air conditioners, washing machines, etc.

Step 4: Acceptance

After completing the work, the staff will review any areas that have not been cleaned, move the furniture back to the original location and hand over to the landlord.


1 Killeen st, Sunshine West VIC 3020

Phone: 0451 042 234

Email: [email protected]

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