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Sexy Redheads Looks to Inspire You for A Red Makeover

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Those sexy redheads flaunting on the red carpet with their enviable shades of red are going to drive us all crazy! Who would’ve thought that the hair color that people used to associate with witches could ever turn into a hair dream of all women? Yes, ginger hair colors walk in mysterious ways. Still, they all have become trends that even celebrities can’t resist, and today we’re going to discover the latest red hair obsessions spotted on red-carpet icons.

Whether they’re ginger girls from your neighborhood or sexy redheads from the catwalk shows, their hair certainly makes all heads turn. Some of them have those shades naturally, and others just know how to make it look that way.

If you’ve always wanted to embrace the trendiest color of all time, this post will be your ultimate inspiration. And if you’re already a proud owner of red hair, you’re going to find out how to enhance the beauty of your color with the latest styling choices!

How to Pick the Perfect Red Hair Color? Color Advice from Sexy Redheads

While coloring your hair may sound pretty easy, this is one of those colors that can either make you look absolutely gorgeous or completely wash you out. As told by celebrity colorists, the science of getting a red shade lies in the right approach to details, and that’s why Nicole Kidman, who’s actually a natural blonde, looks so fabulous here. We asked popular stylists about the secrets of perfect redhead looks, and here they are for you!

Credit: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

#1. Mind your complexion. Just like any other color, red hair should match your skin tone in the first place. Your undertone also plays a huge role, by the way. If you have a light complexion with a cool undertone, a dusty copper shade will be a nice pick, as it won’t be too contrastive. As for yellow undertones, nothing works better than classic ginger. If you have a medium skin tone with a warm undertone, you will love how golden auburn shade brings out your beauty.

#2. Your base matters, too. Another hack that all celebrity colorists follow like one is paying close attention to the client’s base. In other words, you shouldn’t go for extremes, enhancing what you already have instead. For example, if you’re a blonde like Nicole Kidman or Emma Stone (surprise!), then you should go for a light copper, dark strawberry blonde or the lightest ginger shade.

#3. Add more shine. The main reason why colored redheads look natural is that their colorists add shiny elements to their basic colors. A touch of well-blended golden highlights adjusted to the tone of your red shade is what will give you the needed natural shine.

Red-Carpet Hairstyles to Steal From Famous Redheads

Hairstyles and hair colors go hand in hand, remember? The right hairstyle is the finishing touch to the perfect tandem of your skin tone and hair color. We have highlighted the most radiant styling choices from celebrities who know how to get the most of their red hair!

Credit: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

  • Side-swept loose waves are a favorite hairstyle of — the most iconic redhead — Marcia Cross, as it nicely flatters her pointed facial features.
  • Disheveled bob with a side fringe is a personal fav of Emma Stone when she rocks short hair because this style gives a soft frame and tons of movement.
  • Hollywood medium waves are the loveliest pick of Amy Adams who likes to enhance her amazing coppery chestnut color with a touch of elegance.
  • Long blowouts with side-swept bangs are the hottest look spotted on the luscious caramel locks of Isla Fisher.
  • Wet and textured pixie is another creative makeover of Tilda Swinton who mastered wet hair looks.
  • Soft wave with a center part that you can see on Julliqane Moore is a look to steal if you want an effortless yet fabulous redhead look.

Red hair is officially the sexiest hair color in the world. However, not every woman can pull it off, as it may be pretty tricky to choose. Luckily for you, you’ve discovered the hottest redhead celebrity looks ever, as well as learned basic tips to choose the right red hue for you. Now, it’s time for a makeover!

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