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Smart Tips to Keep Your Home Tidy at All Times

Written by Jimmy Rustling

One of the challenges of living in a small house is it can collect clutter at a faster rate. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to make sure that this does not happen. Now is the perfect time for you to take charge of things by making sure that everything inside your house is well organised.

Having a busy schedule should not be a valid reason for you not to clean your house. Here are some expert tips that can help you manage your household and your life at the same time.


Your room is your personal sanctuary. You should be able to come home after a long day at the office and look forward to resting your tired body. It is a great idea to invest in made to measure wardrobes if you have a lot of clothes and accessories that need to be organised.

Place a hamper in the corner of the room to make sure that all dirty clothes are not left scattered on the floor. If you find yourself short of storage space, you can buy some baskets and store them underneath your bed to give your room more space.


The kitchen is one of the trickiest parts of the house to maintain. Leftover food, crumbs and stains are common concerns. You need to make sure that your kitchen is always tidy by cleaning countertops, cabinets or drawers using a dishwashing liquid and wet sponge.

This will prevent ants, insects and rodents from hanging out in your kitchen. If you have small cabinets or limited storage space, you can purchase several racks. You can convert them to spice racks and extra storage for your condiments.

Pots and pans can take up significant space in your tiny kitchen, so you can make use of a blank wall where you can hang your cookware using large hooks.


Most houses nowadays have messy bathrooms. It is common to see scattered beauty products, used cotton wool and cosmetics lying around in front of the mirror. Declutter your bathroom space by getting rid of all products that are past their expiration dates by checking all the labels carefully.

Set up a trash bin below or beside the bathroom sink so it will be easier to throw away used cotton wool, tissues and toilet paper. Go through the medicine cabinet to check out if all the medications and ointments are still safe to use.

Living room

The living room is one of the essential parts of your home. It is where you relax with family members and entertain guests. Since it is one of the focal points of most households, you need to try to make sure that it looks warm, cosy and presentable.

Remove all decorations and figurines from the coffee table and transfer them over to your shelves. It is crucial to keep your living room space clutter-free all the time because you can never tell when guests might come over.



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