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How to Get Maximum PPD Benefits After a Disabling Work Injury

Injuries at work are very common. However, some injuries can prove to be fatal. A lot of people who slip or fall at work can get injured to a point where they are with declared permanent partial disability.

While the law protects you by providing you with permanent partial disability benefits, some time insurance companies or employers do not give the right amount at the right time. As someone who has suffered an injury that changed their life, it can be really hard to live without this financial aid.

Even worse is the fact that the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia (WV) recently issued a new memorandum decision that allowed reductions in ppd awards. In other words, your employer can go to the court and argue that the PPD benefits being given to you should be reduced. They can do so by getting you checked by a doctor who will rate your permanent partial disability.

As a result, you could end up getting fewer payments that can make your life miserable on top of the disability. But as always, you can hire legal help to fight back and get what you deserve. There are a lot of things you can do to get compensation after a slip, trip or fall accident, but one of the best is to hire legal help immediately.

PPD benefits are complex and confusing for a common worker, but the law is vast and there are many ways to help protect you. If you feel that you are not getting PPD benefits paid on time, or the amount being paid is far lesser than you should actually be paid, then you can fight for your rights in the court.

To do this, you will have to hire legal help, preferably an attorney who is really good at handling permanent partial disability cases. After you have hired the help of a talented lawyer, you will have to go through a medical exam with a doctor. The doctor will thoroughly check your condition and they will rate your disability. Based on the recommendations of the doctor, your case will be presented in the court.

If you’ve been injured at work which resulted in an injury, do not give up on getting the full amount of benefits you deserve. It is often easier to give in because you need the money immediately, but unlike any third-party claim, you can cash in the PPD check and still appeal in the court.

But remember, filing a claim for PPD benefits has a short timeline. As soon as you realize that you are not being treated fairly, you must begin working with an attorney immediately. You will only have about 60 days to protest or appeal in the court before the order is closed.

Don’t settle for immediate money, get yourself reexamined by a doctor and you could end up getting much more than you are receiving right now.


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