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Spanish Voice Overs For Business Videos – Thing To Consider

Written by Jimmy Rustling

If you’re thinking about enabling Spanish speaking users to access your video content with professional voice over services, you’ll want to consider these things.

Video content is a key consideration for most businesses these days, with 99% of marketers planning to continue to use video content this year and beyond because of its effectiveness.

To boost video content further, ensuring it is accessible to non-English speakers is a smart move for any forward-thinking business. Sometimes businesses may want content to be used in worldwide social media marketing. Sometimes e-learning is more effective when it can be accessed by new employees who don’t speak English as a first language.

Sometimes, there’s a specific application for video content that requires it is understandable in certain places.

For example: you may want to hire a professional voice over company to record a Spanish voice over for a piece of content you would like to be well received in a certain area of the world. You want your video to be understandable to your new audience, and so, it makes sense to ensure you utilise the right resources to get your message across correctly. If you don’t apply the right voiceover, you might find that not only is your video content ineffective in this instance, but its incorrect receipt could damage your brand’s reputation. This could put your marketing plan back by months, or even years.

To avoid this happening, you not only need to use a voiceover service, but you need to ensure the content they create is localised too.

Professional Voice Over Services Can Effectively Localise Your Content

Video voice overs need to be much more than script translation to be effective. Content has to be properly adapted to ensure that the message you created with the original audio is kept, all whilst what is said is the same length as the original.

The voice used has to be correct too, with the right tone and intonation, and the right accent for the area you’re looking to target.

For the reasons above, plus a multitude of technical details, it is a really good idea to choose a professional voice over service. The company will be able to ensure the voice actor used is able to add the right accent, tone and professionalism to the voiceover. Even better, you’ll be able to have great sound quality, which is essential, to match your videos professionalism.

Adjusting The Spanish Accordingly

One of the most important aspects of a voiceover is that the accents and dialects are specific to your target area. If you want to use a professional Spanish voiceover then the language used must be localised. It may be that multiple versions of the audio are recorded depending on the specific areas you are targeting. It may be that the text is slightly adjusted to suit specific areas. By using the right professional voice over agency you can be sure that the Spanish audio on your video is completely right for its intended purpose, maximising its impact.

When you choose to push your content in a different area, it is so important to consider every aspect of translation when you add a voiceover. A professional voice over agency will ensure the technical details are right, the sound quality is high, and most importantly the Spanish accent and dialect is correct for the specific area you are targeting. With a professional voiceover for your project you can be sure the content is intelligently translated for the most effective impact in this brand new chapter of your businesses outreach plan.

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