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Kratom Dosage – The Ultimate Guide

Written by Jimmy Rustling

When using a drug or even a form of medicinal substance, it is important to know what you’re getting yourself into beforehand, and although it can vary from person to person with regard to what the outcomes of taking the substance will be, it is still important to know what can most likely occur if you are in a situation where you have taken a substance. In particular in this article, we will be discussing Kratom. A drug that can be purchased online and used in a variety of ways, which can be seen on websites like for example.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a substance that is formed in the leaves of an evergreen tree that can be found in the Southern nations of Asia, amongst these countries most notably is Thailand and Malaysia for example. When done correctly, powder is able to be extracted from the leaves of these evergreen trees and have since become known to be used as a sedative or mental and physical stimulant to the human body who makes use of it. Kratom was discovered in the early 19th century in the nations previously mentioned amongst a number of others and has been in use as a stimulant and medicinal (despite a lack of evidence by a number of medical researches) beneficiary to the sick and those mentally or physically in pain or points of struggle in their lives.


Kratom has also been known since humans started using it as an outlet for relieving immense amounts of debilitating pain, and can also be seen in some cases throughout the world to help those who struggle to stay off of opioids, which is something many people continue to struggle with throughout the globe due to their addictive nature.

What Are the Effects of Using Kratom?

When taken in smaller doses, it is said that kratom has the ability to produce effects on the human mind and body such as making the taker of the drug more aware of what is going on around them and their surroundings in general, along with this there is also said to be an increased level of social activity and friendliness amongst users of the substance but with also a slowing of motor capabilities to the users body. These effects in smaller doses are similar in many ways to the effects that can be produced when using cannabis.

Although when one is taking larger doses of kratom, a feeling of immense euphoria or incredible calmness can come over the user of the substance. These effects can potentially go on to last for hours on end in comparison to the relatively short-lasting effects of taking a smaller dose of kratom.

However, of course, it is vitally important to note that kratom has not been studied to the vast amounts of depth that other substances have throughout the years, as a result of this, all the side effects and results of taking the substance in both small or large amounts is relatively unknown and not yet fully laid out for us to be aware of what we are fully committing to before we make use of it.

Is it Legal to Use Kratom?

In a vast majority of countries across the world, you’ll find that kratom is a legalized drug. Throughout all the nations, you’ll find most notably that kratom is legal in the United States of America to use, it can even go about being purchased quite easily through a variety of online markets if you wished to acquire it that way. However, it is very important to keep note of the countries in which kratom is in fact illegal. Many Southern Asian countries, such as the countries that kratom originated from such as Thailand and Malaysia, amongst a variety of other nations from the European Union and Australia also have made the drug illegal to purchase, sell and use. So, as previously said, keep this in mind before making the step to use, sell or purchase kratom.

The Dosage When Using Kratom

Of course, as with almost everything, there is no set dosage amount that can be recommended to everybody. When considering the amount one should take of kratom, there is a number of deciding factors that need to be considered and taken into account for the individual. Amongst these factors include how old or young the user may be, their health at the time of taking and whether or not they may have had any known or unknown pre-existing conditions relating to their health both mentally and physically.

As said previously in this article, there has not been enough evidence suggested through research of kratom to give a definitive answer in terms of recommended professional dosages of kratom, along with substances of kratom’s nature never really being 100% guaranteed safe if supplied from anybody except a professional. When purchasing kratom from a professional or generally for yourself, it is vitally important to keep within the parameters that are recommended for you and not to overstep the boundary due to the unknown nature of what could happen as a result.

Overdoses of kratom have been reported to have been fatal, and this is something that has caused massive panic in many countries. Amongst death, there have been reported cases of seizures and people falling into deep comas as a result of not sticking to the recommended professional amount or generally just deciding themselves what their recommended dosage should be, which as expected, would lead in many cases to an expected overdose.


In conclusion, kratom is a substance that has not had as much research poured into it as other recreational substances. It is important to consider where you are when purchasing kratom and whether or not it is legal to purchase or use. If you are taking kratom then ensure you stay within your boundaries of your recommended dosage in order to avoid potentially dangerous scenarios that may put you in harms way.

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