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Why Should You Seek Medical Attention Immediately After A Car Accident

Written by Jimmy Rustling

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), every year more than three million people are injured in a motor vehicle accident. If you are involved in a serious accident, it is best to seek medical attention immediately. Many times, people involved in an accident are not aware of their injuries. Part of it is based on the severity of the accident, the impact, and how your body responds to the pain.

It is not uncommon to shake off an accident and avoid seeing medical treatment if there is no severe pain. Even if you feel minor pain after an accident, it is best to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Here are some valid reasons to get medical care.

  • Common Car Accident Injuries

One of the most common types of injury is whiplash. Based on the impact, your body will jerk in a forward and backward motion. Whiplash affects your head, neck, and upper back. Head injuries may range from concussions to traumatic brain injury. Chest injuries may occur due to the seatbelt, steering wheel, or deployed airbags. Other injuries include fractures, scrapes, and cuts.

  • Treat Minor and Major Injuries

If it is a major collision, chances are you will be rushed to the hospital to obtain the proper care for your injuries.  After a minor accident, you might not recognize any immediate pain or injuries. However, it is important to request a paramedic to the scene to provide a health assessment. It may take hours, days, and even weeks for injuries to manifest. This may range from stiffness, dizziness, bruising, headaches, concussions, or head trauma. It is important to

  • It Helps With Accident Claims

Hospital records act as your evidence, in the event, you need to file an insurance claim with the insurance company or a personal injury claim with an attorney. It is evident from victims’ complaints that insurance companies can do anything possible to deny making payments to the victim. Insurance companies will scrutinize and pressure you to ensure that you slip up and avoid fairly compensating you. Most insurance companies will want to settle your case in the quickest and cheapest way possible. Not having medical records helps their case on determining if you had injuries or not. Visiting a hospital gives you a medical report to use during your claim. A personal injury attorney will speak to the insurance company on your behalf.


It is vital to visit a doctor after being involved in a car accident within three days. It is essential to make sure you have access to your medical records and can share documents when necessary. If you are concerned about your accident, consult with a car accident attorney about your options with the insurance company.

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