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Commercial and freelance writing are very popular these days because of the growing IT field. More and more people use professional writing services, which gives work to many people around the world. If you are a professional writer and you want to add speed to your writing, there are several smart steps that can help you. Actually, these steps are widely known and nobody will be surprised to hear them. However, not every writer uses these steps to help his writing, that’s why members of essay editing service think it can be useful to write some of them.

#1. Planning :

First thing, which can help every assignment (including freelance and commercial writing) is planning. Planning is a powerful tool to organize yourself and to fight with the procrastination. Before you will start planning it is very important to realize and to deal with deadlines. Deadline is not only a mark in a calendar. It is a powerful tool to organize time and a working process and also to realize goals of writing. Indeed, a deadline is a part of a goal, because it is included in the concept of a successful work. This idea is very simple: to succeed, the writer should finish his writing before the deadline. Otherwise, he may lose his pay. At the same time, the goal of commercial writing – is to get paid. That is why we can say, that every deadline for a writer is a part of the goal. So, if you want to make deadlines work for you, you should understand their role first and then use them for your time organization.

#2. Planner :

If you use a day planner, underline all deadlines you have by now. If you don’t have a day planner that you can use a usual calendar or a notebook. However, I’m sure that these days everyone has a good calendar with the function of planning in a smartphone or another gadget. One smart idea that a lot of writers use, is to make their own deadlines for every assignment. This idea will be especially useful for those writers who have some problems with the procrastination or time management. I know that sometimes I need one extra day to finish my work, so I make my own deadlines a day earlier than real deadlines. That gives me a guarantee that I will have an extra day and will finish my assignment in time. However, this smart physiological trick works only if you believe in you own deadlines (if you want to use it – leave only your deadlines in a calendar, day planner or notebook).

#3. Time Management :

When you know your deadlines, you can use planning and time-management. The main idea of planning is to divide the main task into small parts and to connect them due to the time management. For example, if you have a week to get your work done, you should separate it in five small tasks (because you are going to work only five working days). You know now that every task should be completed by the end of the day. If you need more detailed planning – separate each small task into tiny tasks. Planning helps to eliminate unnecessary tasks and to leave only important.

#4. Be Motivated :

If you have any problems with the ideas while writing you can use different sources on the internet to get inspired. There is a popular idea that every writer is a combination of all stories that he ever read; there is some truth in these words. So, if you want to get some ideas for your freelance writing, you can find them in different articles, prompts, and etc. In some cases, it is even a good idea to use service of the other professional writer.

#5. Get Started Now:

Many commercial writers have problems with the procrastination. Most of them say that the best way to fight with it is to start writing right now. In this case ‘right now’ means right after you will finish this article. Really, there is nothing we cannot do if we’ll try, so the most important thing for us is to start. Planning helps us to start even the most difficult writing. Indeed, when we see a big task, we can delay the start of work many times. But when a big task is divided into a lot of small then it is very easy to start doing the first one. There is nothing surprising here – it is a human nature.

#6. Conclusion :

There is another thing that can speed up your writing and at the same time slow it down – modern technologies and gadgets. Nowadays most of the gadgets allow different kinds of applications, useful for commercial and freelance writing. You can do your job wherever you are and whenever you want. However, it is important to use these technologies in a proper way to save time. For example, it is better to fix all the grammar or punctuation mistakes in the end, not when Word suggests this.

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