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7 Travel Trends To Be Aware Of In 2023

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Just the way you ask for directions when driving to a new place, it is certainly time to ask for the travel trends when it comes to a new year. The travel industry is always seeing new trends from time to time and whether you are planning a holiday anytime soon or are a tour operator, hotel, or airline, here are some travel trends you must be aware of.

Vacation spending is going to increase 

The first and biggest trend for 2023 is that vacation spending is not slowing anytime soon. It is like travel has gone from discretionary spending to essential spending for many people. Vacation spend will be up significantly this year as people realize the true value of experiences and want to make the most of it. There is more than a 40% rise in travel since 2019. People have had to stay at home due to the pandemic but they have now realized the importance of exploring new places and enjoying new experiences.

Trips will be booked further out

There will be a significant change in the way people book trips. Earlier, they choose places that were a little closer to home but this booking pattern has changed now. Travelers are more confident today and they want to book out in the future, especially to the far-flung destinations that they didn’t even think of going to before. People are feeling better about putting money and time into their trips. With a surge in remote work, we will continue to see people booking longer trips this year. If someone was taking a 1-day trip before, they will now take a 14-day trip.

Vacation homes will be a thing this year

After the pandemic, a lot of people have moved closer to their families or the beaches. We will continue to see this trend growing this year as well. People who have saved up enough to afford a vacation home will not wait any longer. There will be a surge in the demand for vacation homes and we will see a lot of people moving there for four to six months. The Beacon Lake community has already seen a rise in the number of inquiries since the start of 2023.

Airfare will not get cheaper this year 

We have seen a massive rise in airfares over the past eight months and this is going to continue in 2023 as well. While airfares may have peaked, you should not expect too much of a relief this year. If you are someone who books your flight last minute, be ready to pay a premium due to the high demand, especially during the holiday season. Considering the travel environment today, the fares are only going in the upward direction.

Sustainable travel is in 

The pandemic has made people travel responsibly and they are also willing to pay more to travel responsibly if they are aware of how the money is being used. There is growing awareness about sustainable travel and people are opting for it. It is clearly not a cheaper option but it helps the planet in more than one way. We will see a rise in travelers interested in hotels that believe in sustainability and allow them to leave places in better shape after their visit.

More group travel 

Leisure occupancies at hotels will be on the high and there will be a shift in the type of travellers staying at the properties. Group travel is finally coming back and it will continue to grow. There will be close to 90% of group travel bookings in the second half of this year. It might not impact the rates but the occupancy will remain high.  

Ultra-luxury cruising is hot 

There were no cruise holidays since 2020 and now is the time when cruise lovers go all out and about with their packages. We will see a lot of ultra-luxury cruising and people are already booking high-ticket items. Cruises with dining venues, spas, submarines, and helicopters will remain in demand and they will be fully booked this year. The reason behind its high appeal is the chance to explore destinations thoroughly and take them slowly.

These are some of the top travel trends you need to watch out for this year. While we are already one month down in 2023, some of these trends are already being seen around us. The travel industry will be huge this year and it will pick up from where it left in early 2020. People are no longer willing to sit around and wait for the right time or the right prices to book their trip. There will be a surge in spending despite the high airfares or hotel tariffs.

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