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How to Find the Best Minecraft Server Hosting with Special Features for International Minecraft Players?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

If you are one of the over 140 million Minecraft players worldwide then read on!

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games on this planet right now as it offers many learning and entertainment opportunities in one. Plus, it allows multiple players to connect worldwide while learning how to code for example.

Digital skills are at the forefront and many schools also use the Minecraft education edition for students to play for additional learning.

Most advanced Minecraft players look for Minecraft server hosting providers so that they can build their own individual Minecraft worlds for unique gaming experiences that some players may even pay for.

There are many game server hosting providers out there these days and for players it is often hard to identify the best of the best. Plus, newcomers may often offer fantastic deals and special features to new customers that many are not aware of.

This Minecraft server hosting review should help you with this challenge. It focuses on the best features of Minecraft Hosting by SeekaHost and key problems to avoid like server lag, poor customer service, server downtime, and everything else any Minecraft player should know about.

What are the Top Minecraft Server Hosting Features you should check or test?

Any Minecraft player and server user should consider the following points when purchasing Minecraft server hosting:

  • Accessible Customer Support
    Technical faults can occur, but to resolve these effectively, it is vital to get a fast response from the hosting provider’s support team. If you check customer reviews of different hosting providers, you will see that some customer services do not immediately respond or just send an automated message. Some do not even offer support for technical issues and refer users to their FAQs. You would want to avoid such providers and only opt for hosting providers like SeekaHost where all Minecraft hosting users can issue a support ticket or speak to someone in the live chat to get a fast response to their query.
  • Server Up Time
    When you are hosting a Minecraft game server you want to that it is up and running all the time, especially because you pay for the hosting. Most server issues are cause by faults with the hardware hence why the Minecraft server hosting provider needs to consistently check and maintain the servers to meet all gaming server requirements. Too many players, activities, or add-ons can create server lags or crashes and the technical support team should be able to analyse and establish any server issues and solve them as soon as they are reported. SeekaHost promise a server up time of 99.9% and usually solve technical server issues within an hour or two.
  • Special Server Features
    To make a Minecraft game unique with the possibility of attracting other players and even charge a fee, a Minecraft player should get a Minecraft server with reliable hosting. This can be achieved with configurations such as adding plugins, mods, and anything else that might enhance the gameplay. So, check that your game server provider enables these. With SeekaHost players can enhance their Minecraft game with different mods, skins, and maps such as of popular Netflix show Squid Game that is the latest craze. With the very easy-to-use SeekaHost Minecraft game hosting panel, users can quickly and easily install and remove plugins or mods with the mods manager, manage FTP files, and add modifications to the game in one dashboard. Various players can be added, removed, and managed with one click and game hosting plans can be flexibly upgraded or downgraded in the panel with just a few clicks.
  • Multiple Features & Resources
    For players that constantly thrive to specialise and customise their Minecraft game servers the SeekaHost UK Minecraft Server Hosting Services offer various additional resources via the blog or their YouTube channel with tutorials and gaming tips from experts, which is especially useful for Minecraft beginners.

What Special Features does the SeekaHost Game Hosting Control Panel offer for International Gamers?

As Minecraft is played worldwide, bringing together players within their unique Minecraft worlds, gamers look for game hosting that is flexible and easy to manage for multiple game servers. SeekaHost’s Minecraft Hosting Control Panel provides special features for the global Minecraft player community for a smooth game server set up and experience:

  • Easily accessible Minecraft server list for all game servers in one place.
  • Multiple player management with one click in the panel.
  • Multiple Minecraft mods management with the mods manager.
  • Flexible upgrade or downgrade game hosting plan options.
  • All Minecraft files accessible via the FTP client in the same dashboard.

The layout of the game hosting control panel matters and makes a huge difference to the game server hosting experience. Compared with other panels, the SeekaHost hosting control panel certainly stands out as one that enables premium Minecraft server hosting management and navigation.

How Expensive is Minecraft Server Hosting?

Depending on which hosting plan you go for, Minecraft hosting can be a costly affair. You should therefore compare the plans of different providers first and check their specs carefully. SeekaHost offer a variety of different game server hosting packages that range from 12 players slots to 200 slots and RAM accordingly. The cheapest packages start from just $4 per month, which other providers charge at least $1 or $2 more for. Make sure to check what specs and features are included. However, with SeekaHost players are flexible and can change their plans easily in the hosting control panel. SeekaHost users get free access to Minecraft tutorials and resources shared on the blog.

Final Verdict

If you search for the best Minecraft server hosting provider worldwide, ensure to do some free test trials first so you become familiar with the game server host. SeekaHost already offers brilliant features at affordable prices that can certainly compete with the big brands in Minecraft server hosting, and they also offer a free 7-day trial. Flexibility is another plus that is highly rated by many SeekaHost users as they can cancel or upgrade their hosting at any time inside the dashboard. Because SeekaHost provides many Minecraft tutorials and coupon and discount codes, it is certainly a contender to watch in the international Minecraft server hosting community.

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