Keep Up With Your Favorite Leagues With These Mobile Sports Apps

Written by Jimmy Rustling

It can be difficult to keep track of multiple sports, especially if a fan follows multiple leagues. And these leagues can be very expansive! Imagine following hockey, boxing, football, basketball, baseball, MMA, maybe even esports and pro wrestling! But thanks to mobile technology and accessibility, these leagues can communicate freely with their apps with their fans. Most of these programs have extensive coverage of their events, put up news about the latest and biggest developments in the league, and other features that may interest fans. These are all wrapped up nicely in intuitive UI’s which fans can easily navigate. These are some of the essential apps to download when it comes to following sports.


Arguably the most prolific sports news organization operating today, ESPN is a mogul when it comes to comprehensive and up-to-date information in most national leagues. This sports news organization has been around for a few decades, providing analysis about basketball, hockey, American football, baseball, and other major sports leagues in the United States. Apart from national leagues, ESPN also covers college leagues

Since they are a multimedia company, audiences can access broadcast media from them such as television, radio, and more recently, streaming, with ESPN+. For the sports fan that has a hectic schedule, following their media can be hectic. Fortunately, their mobile app ties all their content in a convenient software. With a press of a button, sports fans can watch and read about recent developments in the sports leagues they follow.

Apart from the results of the latest games and matches, fans can also view historical statistics, should the technicals and crunching numbers interest them. With all this information readily available wrapped up in a convenient and accessible interface, the ESPN app is an essential for any sports fan.


Believe it or not, there are also other apps that cover sports developments without exactly being a news site. While primarily an online betting website, the Betway app may just have everything a sports enthusiast would need when it comes to a comprehensive reference for leagues that they may follow. It keeps track of all the odds and results that would prove useful when it comes to predicting outcomes of certain matches and races. But the best thing about it is that it has almost every sport there is, ranging from tennis, hockey, basketball, and even esports!

Bleacher Report

The digital media outlet Bleacher Report has been a very popular entity for most sports leagues, from national leagues to pro wrestling developments in recent years. Apart from statistics and results from games, they are also known to delve in the drama that happens in popular sports. Their app offers personalized content based on users’ interests and preferences, enabling them to follow favorite teams, leagues, and topics.

Arguably one of the best features of Bleacher Report app is personalization. Features like breaking news alerts, in-depth articles, video highlights, live scores, and social media integration can be tailored by users to optimize the app to their liking.

Horses Now

For horse racing fans, Horses Now is an indispensable mobile app. If fans can’t be in the tracks for race day, Horses Now provides a video stream as it happens in real time. The utility behind it is unmatched, as the app even provides race replays, news updates, and race schedules.

There are a variety of mobile apps that can help keep the sports enthusiasts in the loop with the leagues that they follow. League specific apps are also available for fans who follow only one sport. But for general sports news, these are just some of the most invaluable!

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