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Understanding the Importance of ECommerce Link Building Strategies

Written by Jimmy Rustling

One of the most daunting elements of SEO is link building, but it is also the most rewarding. The effective way of eCommerce link building strategy is to use the appropriate content tools and outreach tactics. Through these aspects, they create quality links easily and improve the presence of your landing pages and website as a whole. If you want to know more about eCommerce marketing, this will help you: 7 Game-changing Ecommerce Marketing Strategies, published by Tada, this article will help introduce you to some great ecommerce marketing strategies that you can easily adapt.

Support exciting products to create links

An excellent way to successfully implement an eCommerce link building strategy is to create a fuss about your brand by promoting extreme items. You can inject it in a promotional range or a new section of the business. This way, you can forgo conventional demographics and become fascinating to a bigger audience. Successful firms have been leveraging several of their products to build links and brand reputation effectively. Once you’ve successfully applied it, you’ll notice the considerable difference in your brand awareness in the industry.

Take advantage of influencers

According to the studies conducted, influences can tremendously help in eCommerce link building strategy. Major companies have used them to come up with strong content assets and create links for them. They have sponsored accounts for some influencers and known bloggers who would upload images of themselves on social media platforms and other channels promoting its products. The photos they’ve published come with targeted links that will entice their audience to check out the product and provide relevant content.

Although social media links may not directly influence organic rankings, it attracted quite some natural referring domains from the influencers and popular websites.

Make use of video marketing

Video content can incredibly develop your product to life by including them in instructional videos. This tactic supports the eCommerce link building strategy wherein it builds various content types for your specific audience. You can decide whether it is educational content or those funny stories, as long as it is fascinating enough for the viewers.

Through the videos, customers can be interested and click the links, which increases the click-through percentage. Video materials potentially rank high on search engine results in Google. An excellent example is when you have an eCommerce shop that sells the latest trend in sneakers. The best form to get links back is through making fun and interactive video material on relevant topics. Furthermore, you can gain outreach opportunities where you can ask a link back to your website.

Feature your product

With an eCommerce link building strategy, using images on blogs and social media websites is essential. This technique’s objective is to transform the product shareable to customers, build a pathway for scaling the concept, and get traffic back to the website. Thus, instead of making organic links via a particular blog or external material, you can deviate traffic directly to a web page relevant to your business if you create exciting graphics embeddable.

It generates high chances of sharing your links that are beyond your network, producing higher traffic and possible sales along the process.

Be part of the resource section

One of the helpful areas in most websites is the resources page, where it contains the list of reliable providers of relevant services. Obtaining links to your products or instructional content on other websites is a perfect way to create helpful links.

Coupon codes

Who doesn’t like coupon codes? These are good deals that are also practically helpful in an eCommerce link building strategy. But make sure not to make the deals as the central part of your product or services. Otherwise, it will significantly affect the customers’ perspective of your offering. They may no longer buy if there are no coupon codes that come with it. Play around with the kind of discounts you want to make available to your customers and identify which ones get the highest conversions. Major eCommerce businesses have taken advantage of coupon codes for their seasonal products and services.

Free giveaways

An incentive program such as free giveaways is an effective form to acquire links back to your site. Work with the program’s terms and conditions; it can be a contest on your website, social media platforms, influencers, or bloggers. These elements can help promote your program since they have massive audiences. For the eCommerce link building strategy, you must take advantage of every potential aspect that can link back to your website.

While there are still other sceptical individuals with regard to link building, it depends on the strategies you use to make it work. With the right tools and consistency, an eCommerce link building strategy can be worth your time and effort.

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