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Ways on How to Become a Sponsor in London

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Believe it or not, you don’t necessarily have to be a parent to qualify as a sponsor. There are many kinds of qualifications that you can refer to. The only problem is not all people are aware of the various categories. This is where the concerns of most aspiring sponsors lie. Not to mention, the application process can also be a bit tricky.

If you’re looking for ways to successfully learn how to apply for a sponsor licence and be qualified for the status, then this article is for you. In the following sections, we have listed some categories that you should consider belonging to sponsor whoever is on your mind. See the list below:

#1: Be an Employer

The first method of becoming a sponsor is to be an employer. If you’re currently a business owner or your position in the workplace is high enough to recruit others, you can sponsor anyone. The only condition that they have to meet is to have a valid Skilled Worker Visa.

Employer Sponsorship, however, comes with requirements either in your annual earnings or the status of your business. This will be specified by the UK immigration agency you’re applying to.

#2: Be a Direct Family Member of the Dependent

The most common way to qualify as a sponsor is to be a direct family member of your dependent. They can be your parents, child, aunt, or any other biological connections. With this, they will only need either a dependent visa or a family visa. Either one of the said visa types will work.

Of course, this will still come with conditions to ensure the eligibility of both the sponsor and dependent/s. You also need to have a specific amount of savings and other proof that you can financially support the person you’re bringing into the UK.

#3: Be in a Civil Partnership with the Dependant

You can also become the sponsor of your partner if you’re tied with a civil relationship, marriage, or engagement. Live-in partners also have the chance to sponsor the other in the UK. Although this is similar to sponsoring family members, it’s a different application process if we talk about civil partnerships.

Some requirements involved here are savings requirements and proof of relationship. For instance, you can present a marriage certificate if you’re already married or documents that show that you and your dependent are really together.

#4: Be a Registered UK Resident

All registered UK residents can be a sponsor as long as they are financially capable. If you belong here, you can prevent valid reasons and documents as to why you want to sponsor a certain person, and it’s up to the immigration office if they want to accept it.

The only con in this method is it can take a long time before an immigrant can be a registered citizen. This means that this is only common among locals and those who have lived in the UK for a really long time after an Indefinite Leave to Remain.

#5: Consult a Legal Professional

If you don’t belong in any of the categories stated above, then you should consider consulting a legal professional, specifically a sponsor lawyer. With a reputable team, you can expect to get access to more ways on how you can be a sponsor. This is in contrast to sticking to fixed rules and generally limiting possibilities.

A skilled sponsor lawyer will also be able to know the way around written rules and help you become a sponsor (legally) even if you aren’t a UK resident or you don’t have a business.

Just ensure that you’re going to work with a lawyer that has a good reputation around the field. This will help you prevent several legal issues in the long run.


All in all, there are a lot of ways to become a sponsor in London. From the list above, the easiest will depend on who you plan on sponsoring.

Usually, however, sponsors opt for sponsoring direct family members or engaging in a civil partnership with the dependant. Of course, the said methods come with various legal issues.

If you’re still unsure about which will be the best method for you, then we highly recommend talking to immigration lawyers. In fact, any legal professional specialising in the UK’s laws will already give you a big advantage.

On a side note, remember that being a sponsor is a big responsibility. You need to be financially capable to support someone’s new start in a new country, especially in a somewhat expensive one like the UK.

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