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Charles McDaniel: Trusted Real Estate Insurance Specialist

Written by Jimmy Rustling

There is an unparalleled name that resonates with trust and expertise in real estate insurance, none other than Charles McDaniel, popularly known as Chuck. Balancing a successful career alongside fulfilling family life and philanthropic commitments, McDaniel embodies perseverance, diligence, and generosity.

Charles McDaniel cherry hills

With an impressive track record spanning several decades, Charles McDaniel has built an illustrious career in real estate insurance. Transforming Lockton Companies’ real estate practice in Colorado, he was instrumental in its growth over his 23-year tenure.

Constantly rising to meet challenges, he expanded the real estate practice at Alliant Insurance Services from a substantial $25 million to a staggering $100 million over a short span of 4 years.


McDaniel has fostered integral relationships with underwriters and senior management at leading real estate insurance companies through his prolific career. Esteemed organizations such as AIG, Chubb, Sompo, and London have had the privilege of his collaboration, which reflects his industry standing.

Advancing Technical Resources

Chuck is renowned for developing technical resources, including policy wordings, Loss Control, Claims, and placement strategies. Through these initiatives, he has carved out an unparalleled position in the sector, creating best-in-class approaches for institutional real estate concerns.

McDaniel inspires by balancing a successful professional life with a deep-rooted commitment to family and philanthropy. Be it his involvement in the McDaniel Family Foundation, his dedication to helping underprivileged women and children through Buildstrong, or his thriving real estate venture, McDaniel Property Group; he is actively invested in improving society.

Humble Beginnings and Philanthropy

McDaniel’s journey is inspirational, from graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University to rising as a respected figure in the insurance industry.

Apart from his professional achievements, he is a pillar in the philanthropic field, founding the McDaniel Family Foundation and serving on the Board of Buildstrong. These organizations are dedicated to raising funds and impacting the lives of underprivileged women and children across the Denver metro.

Beyond his insurance prowess, McDaniel actively participates in the real estate industry. The McDaniel Property Group’s entrepreneurial venture owns numerous single-family homes North of Denver and Colorado Springs.

Through his firm, he provides families and individuals with their own homes, a testament to his service-oriented approach to real estate.

Balancing Business and Pleasure

McDaniel perfectly balances his leisure and family time despite his demanding professional life. Residing in the serene locales of Cherry Hills and Naples, Florida, he is a devoted family man.

A father of four daughters and a doting grandfather to three grandchildren. He believes in a healthy and active lifestyle; you can often find him swinging a golf club or embarking on travel adventures.

Charles McDaniel’s journey inspires respect and awe. His unwavering commitment to his work, ongoing efforts to uplift the less fortunate, active involvement in the real estate industry, and steadfast commitment to family display an individual who genuinely embodies hard work, dedication, and compassion. His is a life well-lived with many chapters yet to be written.

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