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All About Shower Pods and Their Advantages

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Shower pods are ready-to-use, integrated systems that provide an alternative to traditional tray and tile showers that is leak-proof and maintenance-free. They are ideal for housing construction or renovation projects due to their far less consumption and installation labour costs compared to building shower cubicles. The rising project disruption and increase overall building time.

House building ventures are beginning to realise the advantages of self-contained shower pods. They have enjoyed several years of shower pod demands in colleges, universities, hospitals, and many more.

Created from strong glass-reinforced polymer

Most factories manufacturing shower pods use silicone coated with glass as the primary to use for the shower pods. The GRP possesses durability and malleability, together with its crack-resistant and waterproof properties for up to thirty years. It means shower pods can never degrade of its coating, colour, and polish.

They can be delivered and installed immediately

Shower pod units are supplied in four modular parts that are compact and easily transported to each building’s shower position. Also, the modularity of shower pods makes them easy to install. One tradesperson can assemble a shower unit in just one to two hours. This means it only requires much lower labour costs and manpower. Having more people involved also requires greater time control and oversight and brings the possibility of a delay.

Shower pods are watertight and leak-proof

Bathrooms and showers pose danger for new ventures, simply because of the unavoidable leaks in a variety of buildings. Almost all shower pods are leak proof because of the horizontal parts clipped altogether using a gasket device. So, water will not come out of the system and no tiles will be loosened. Another common source of leaks is cracked shower trays in traditional shower systems. You can use built-in shower traysto prevent further tile cracking and leaking.

Require little to no repairs and maintenance

Trays and tiles loosen and crack over time. With self-contained shower pods that do not need tiles, this also means no crumble, grout to wear, and need replacement. Because of the recyclable materials used in shower pods, there will be no black mould build-up and tile grout. Shower pods remove the hassle of maintenance in both commercial and household development projects. For example, bespoke shower pods are becoming more and more popular in universities and campuses because of its minimal requirement for repairs and maintenance.

Variety of models and aesthetics to choose from

No two buildings or renovation projects have the same area for the shower units. Shower pods come with various floor models to match corners, alcoves, and straight spaces. It is suitable for luxury units of different sizes with different finishes ranging from plaid to bright gold. Accessories like seating, central lighting, and other features are ideal for the top-of-the-line shower pod offers if you’re looking for a fancy selection. Your local shower pod specialist can produce tailor-made shower pod layouts for large volume orders, to provide complete versatility when necessary.

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