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Tips on Choosing the Best Water Pipe for Weed

Written by Jimmy Rustling

With the increasingly widespread use of cannabis, new users might be surprised by how many ways there are to consume weed. Most stoners started with joints, but as they became more experienced, they found new ways to take their weed enjoyment to a higher level.

If you want to try something new, it’s time to get a water pipe. Also known as a bong, this accessory is a great way to make your hits lighter, full of flavors, and, most importantly, safer for your airways. Since this device uses water for filtration, the smoke that passes through it is cooled and purified of toxins, letting smooth vapors into your lungs.

There is a vast selection of glass bongs for sale on the market, and there are also models made of other thermostable materials. Which one you will decide depends on several factors, so we recommend a few tips to help you choose wisely.

What Will You Use?

You will choose a bong according to your smoking preferences, and one of the first decisions is whether you’ll use dry cannabis buds or concentrates. Dried, ground weed is the first choice for water pipe filling, but cannabis concentrates are also an option. The first ones are full of flavors, but when it comes to potency, there is a slight advantage on the concentrate side because you need a smaller amount to achieve the desired effect.

If you prefer dried buds, you can opt for a classic water pipe alone or along with a percolator and/or diffuser. On the other hand, the best accessories for cannabis concentrates are dab rigs. They look and work similar to bongs but have an angled stem and a pin to host concentrate. Also, for a better dubbing experience, you need attachments like a dab nail, carb cap, torch, etc.

If you were looking for a 2-in-1 accessory for smoking dried weed and concentrates, you would need a bong with the possibility to add a quartz banger. It’s a supplement that serves as a nail on which you put different marijuana concentrates like moon rocks, essential oils, distillates, bladders, etc. However, these dual-function devices are often costly.

Bong Size

Are you a group stoner or prefer enjoying your weed alone? Do you fancy taking your hits on the go, or are you more of a couch potato who likes to smoke in the warmth of your home? These questions can be crucial when choosing the size of your new water pipe. These devices come in various sizes, from bulky ones 15 to 18 inches high to small, portable units that can fit any purse or travel bag.

Larger bongs are heavy but stable and relatively easy to maintain. But hard-to-find parts because they can mostly be disassembled into pieces that you can clean individually. Also, since it’s inconvenient to move these devices around, there’s less chance of damaging or breaking them. So if you need a smoking accessory exclusively for home use, a medium or big bong it is.

Small bongs are smoking accessories only a couple of inches tall and have no detachable parts. In general, this device provides no different experience than its larger counterpart. But it’s easier to carry and take your hits on the move. That should be your choice if you travel a lot and need a smoking device for on-the-go.

Below, you’ll find a handy guide on how to use bongs:


In the beginning, it was said that bongs come in different dimensions and materials. If you have decided on the water pipe size, the next decision is what your smoking accessory will be made of. That will significantly affect the price of this device. However, all materials have been tested and withstand heat well, so you don’t have to worry about it.

For a start, a tip that will come in handy is not to buy devices made of mixed materials. They are no more functional than these simpler ones, only that their designs are appealing and impressive. But don’t let trends fool you because this kind of purchase will be a waste of your hard-earned money.

So, when shopping for bongs, opt for simpler models made only of acrylic, silicone, ceramic, or metal. Although some of these materials are cheap and easy to maintain, glass is still unsurpassed. Besides being durable and safe, glass bongs can be customized with different add-ons. An extra tip – look for scientific glass that’s sturdy, high-quality, and free of heavy metals.


If you’re buying a water pipe for the first time, the wide range of these devices can seem confusing. With so many designs, shapes, and add-ons, glass bongs come in a wide price range. But, if you know how to shop around, you can find great models for an affordable price.

Of course, your budget is a placeholder. When choosing a water pipe for yourself for the first time, you should start with simpler, budget-friendly models. As a more experienced stoner, you can dare to try different bong designs and attachments like percolators, diffusers, ashtrays, etc. Of course, that’ll add to the price, but consider it an investment in an unforgettable smoking experience.


Last but not least is bong’s maintenance needs. You should clean your water pipes regularly to keep your smoking experience at a high level. Besides, filthy bongs can harm your health because all those tar and oil deposits can enter your lungs and trigger unwanted effects.

It’s best to clean your bong after each use or at least change the water. Cleaning will be needed less often if you choose a simpler model or devices with percolators. But they’ll need deep cleaning every two to three weeks, depending on the frequency of use. Find out how to do it on this web page.

Choosing the right water pipe can make or break your smoking experience. While all devices have the same function, they might have some features that work or not for you. So take your time and shop around; you’d be surprised by so many different models!

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