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Using Drones in Construction: 5 Things to Know of Drone Market in 2020

The commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicle UAV or drones is increasing significantly in almost all major fields of the industries including construction, mining, infrastructure, law enforcement, transportation, surveillance and monitoring, and others. The commercial drone market has noticed exponential growth in recent years; it is also expected to maintain this fast pace in many years to come.

The use of drones in the construction industry powered by the custom software tools has left a desirable impact on the efficiency of construction projects. The custom software applications integrated with the sensors and drone computers automate many project activities and processes to increase the speed of the work. The use of drones in the construction industry has increased the demand for experienced custom software developers in the marketplace.

Let’s have a look at the different aspects of the use of drones in the construction industry and drone market value from the global perspective, and also talk about the top 5 things to know about the drones in 2020.

Construction Drone Market

According to the Orbis Research report, the global commercial drone market size at the end of 2017 was about $1.41 billion. It is predicted to reach about $179.6 billion by 2025 with a phenomenal growth of 83.3% CAGR between 2018 and 2025. The total market size of drones – both commercial and military – was about $17.82 billion, according to Business Insider research. The growth in global spending in the field of drone technology is significantly high; it is expected to cross the $100 billion mark by 2020. This huge investment makes the drone industry one of the fasted growing industries in recent years across the world.

According to the recent research conducted by Goldman Sachs suggests the global strategy drone market commonly referred to as the military market is about 70% of the entire drone market share. The remaining 30% share of the commercial drone market is dominated by construction and agriculture respectively. The total market share of construction drones is expected to reach $11 billion by 2020 followed by the agriculture sector with a $6 billion market share.

There are numerous activities and processes in the construction industry that are accomplished efficiently with the help of commercial drones. The major activities of them include surveying, project monitoring, 3D analysis, quality control, building inspection, and others. The drone market services examples, especially in the construction industry are listed below:

  • 3D mapping of site surveys
  • Development of the city and building layouts
  • Delivery of material at the project sites and heights
  • Increasing internet signal coverage to the remote sites
  • Inspection of quality and progress of work
  • Real-time video recording and sending to remote offices 

Impact of Drone on Construction Industry

The impact of the use of drones in the construction industry is very important. It offers numerous benefits and upsides that attract the construction companies to invest billions of dollars into this sector. The major impacts on the construction industry are listed below.

  • Significant improvement in the quality of the site and building surveys
  • A huge amount of savings on the drone-based surveys as compared to the manual surveys
  • Huge reduction in time for the completion of the project
  • Efficient use of modern software tools and applications
  • Efficient monitoring of projects with lesser expenses
  • Remote surveillance and monitoring
  • Improved safety of the construction workers
  • Efficient mapping of the site data
  • Improved planning of the projects
  • Reduced cost of the construction projects 

Drone Market Size in 2019

As mentioned earlier, the commercial use of drones is very new. It started a few years back at a large scale. But, the growth of the commercial drone market is significantly high. It is expected to grow a little less than doubling its volume every year for about 5 next years.

The present market size of commercial drones is about $3.2 billion according to Goldman Sachs research cited above in the article. The total drone market at the start of 2019 was a little over $14 billion, according to the DRONEII research report 2018. The commercial drone industry is expected to grow with over 20.5% for the next five years as per research predictions.

China and the USA are two major contributors to the global market of commercial drones followed by Japan, European countries, and India in 2019. The US and China both makeup about 2/3rd of global commercial drone market share in 2019.

Top 5 Things to Know About Drones in 2020

Commercial drones market is growing very fast due to numerous new trends in different fields of industries. Agriculture, wildlife conservation, search and rescue, transportation, healthcare, and many other fields have opened up new arenas for the prospective use of drones. The top five things to know about the drones in 2020 are mentioned below.

#1 Global Drone Market to Reach $11.2 Billion

This is very important to note that the global market size of drones will reach $11.2 billion by 2020. The commercial and personal drones will have a major share in that particular global market. The personal drones are less regulated by the authorities and will continue to grow. Personal drones are normally connected with mobile phones, tablets, or laptops for photography and entertainment purposes.

#2 Delivery of Donated Organs Will Increase

Delivery of donated human body organs within a very short period of time is going to increase in 2020. In normal conditions, more than 4% of the donated organs sustain substantial delays, which reduce the efficiency of the organs when transplanted in another human being. Similarly, more than 1.5% of the organs go wasted due to over delays. The use of the drone will improve the efficiency of the on-time delivery of donated human organs for transplantation.

#3 Consumer Drone Number to Hit 29 Million

The number of consumer drones is increasing very fast. It is expected that the total number of consumer drones by the end of 2020 and at the start of 2021 will cross 29 million. The total number of consumer drones in the USA is expected to cross 7 million units in 2020. The increased number of consumer drones will leave a significant impact on different types of industries globally.

#4 Scientists Will Benefit Greatly

Drones are becoming a desirable boon for the research and development fields. Many scientists in different fields, especially in the environment, biology, plantation, and other fields will benefit from the use of a drone for their research and development work. The use of drones for scientific research has already taken stronger roots but by 2020, it will grow substantially.

#5 Increased Use of Drones in Wildlife Conservation

The use of drones in wildlife conservation has already started. The national geographic channel has also started a project that focuses not only on wildlife activity recording but also on that project will help find new species and protect the extinct species. The same kinds of projects are also being designed by many countries to protect the natural wildlife.  

Major Drone Producing Countries

Drones are produced in many developed and developing countries across the world, but some of the most important countries that produce drones at a large scale are listed below.

#1 Peoples Republic of China

China is the leader in manufacturing commercial drones across the globe. There are many companies manufacturing drones in China, but DJI is the most important one. DJI has more than a 70% share of the global drone market.

#2 France

One of the most important companies of commercial drone manufacturers in France is Parrot Inc. There are other companies that also manufacture parts of the drones in France. The Delair-Tech is another important technology company based in France that manufactures the drones. Many startups and big enterprises are also working in this field to produce drones or their parts. Recently, a France-based company named Azur enterprise raised over $10 million in funding for drone manufacturing too.

#3 United States

The USA is another major producer of commercial drones. There are many companies in the US that manufacture drones, drone software, or parts of it. Among such major companies working in the USA include 3D Robotics Inc, Action Drone, Aeryon Inc, AquaDrone Inc, and others.

Final Takeaway

The commercial drone industry is growing significantly. The total market size of commercial drones is expected to reach $11.2 billion by 2020. China is the leading producer of commercial drones. The use of drones is increasing in every industry, especially in construction, infrastructure, agriculture, wildlife conservation, rescue, and other fields.

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