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Recent studies have found that 83% of marketers believe that video content is crucial for engaging and reaching new audiences. Also, 2/3rds of the social media users claim they engage with a business after watching its video on social media. And then there are 34% of individuals watching up to 1 hour of video regularly.

More and more marketers are using videos because they help in increasing traffic, conversions, and sales while reducing support queries. On the other hand, social media users engage with videos because they help them understand products and services better.

But creating engaging videos is not easy, and it’s not cheap as well.

Instead of beating around the bush, let’s get straight to the point of introducing the best video-making tools that can help you make a mark in the market this 2022. Each video maker comes with its own benefits depending on the requirements of its users.

Use the right video-making tool online for making stunning marketing videos and get the chance to win your video marketing game.

Let’s get started.


This is a well-known online video-making tool that allows users to combine music, text, and images easily to make wonderful videos. Once you are done choosing the music, text, and images, the movie maker will add effects to create a dynamically interesting presentation.

Your video will look professionally designed if you make it using Animoto. The best features of this video making tool online include:

  • One-click remix for evaluating music.
  • Cinematic artificial intelligence for analyzing the effects and feel of a song and for creating a transition from the snapshot.
  • Users can create the most compelling movies within just three to four minutes.
  • The tool also works as an image editor that helps users rotate, flip, crop, and adjust the color contrast of an image.
  • With Animoto, you can upload a 20-minute video clip and trim it according to your preference.
  • There’s a star icon you can highlight for creating a spotlight on a certain clip or image.
  • Also, add up to 10 songs in different clips within your video.
  • You also get the scope of changing the pace of the shots and controlling the pace of the entire video.

All in all, Animoto is one of the best movie-making tools you can use for creating video content that catches your attention instantly.


This powerful video-making tool online can help you make, edit, host, and share videos on different social media platforms. It perfectly fits the video-making requirements of small businesses, social media enthusiasts, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. Almost anyone, an amateur or a beginner, can use for making online videos.

The best features of this video maker include:

  • It is a simple-to-use video-making tool online with a super-intuitive interface that is simple even for non-professional video makers.
  • Educational articles and demos are available to make creating professional videos a pleasure for beginners.
  • The tool features a stock media library of 400 million images and videos. It is the largest stock media library available among other video-making tools online.
  • video will help you create white label preview links, which means you can easily share the previews of your video with other individuals without letting them know that it is made using
  • You can also embed your video on a website or blog with this.
  • This online video-making tool offers more than 30 video formats and aspect ratios.

So, you can use to create video content on the go without facing any technical problems.


This movie maker online tool can help you create videos for social media, business, personal use, and school projects. The besnt thing is the video customization options it offers to its users.

With Kizoa, you can customize your videos easily using effects, transitions, music, and GIFs. The platform itself also provides videos and images to users who do not have their own media files.

With Kizoa, you also get some of the most advanced backgrounds, intros and outros, and other elements to enhance your marketing videos’ look and feel. This online movie-making tool is available in 12 languages.

Exclusive attributes of the movie maker include:

  • It will allow you to apply several 3D effects to your video. You can choose from a plethora of special effects, 3D simulations, text effects, fonts, and sound effects.
  • You also can export your video in varied formats like AVI, mp4, MPEG2, and MOV. You can choose the dimensions of your video and download it on your device or share it on the different social media platforms directly.

For the best video-making and editing results online, you should choose Kizoa to help you create stunning video content that instantly catches the audiences’ attention.


The best thing about RenderForest is the step-by-step tutorial that makes it very easy for the users to get familiar with the features of the video maker. It comes with intricate and beautifully rendered prompts that make the video-making procedure a breeze for the users.

Exclusive features of RenderForest include:

  • A stock media library of more than 11, 500 images and videos.
  • Export your video easily and share it on different social media platforms.
  • You can download your video on your device and render it the way you prefer.

With great customization options available to the users and scopes to add good quality animation and graphics to videos, RenderForest is undoubtedly a video-making tool worth trying out by beginners.


This online movie maker will help you create top-quality videos either by using templates or creating visuals from scratch. You can customize its templates to make videos of your choice.

If you already have images and clips to be included in your video, the only thing you need to do is upload them and choose the right style while adding music at the same time. The Emotion Sense Technology of this platform is its most exclusive feature.

This AI-based video editing tool analyses videos and grabs the mood of a video to edit it most effectively.

The Takeaway

So, these are the top five online movie maker tools that you can use for making an impressive video.

Keep in mind that simply having the best video clips and pictures cannot suffice the purpose when creating a stunning video. Weave everything you have together in the most cinematic manner to create the right impression.

So, without delay, start using these tools and impress the audience with amazing videos!

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