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Tips for Finding & Eliminating Duplicate Images Online

Written by Jimmy Rustling

These days’ phones, computers, tablets, laptops, and other devices all have a huge collection of images for personal and professional use. Duplicate images drain storage and cause copyright violations in many cases. People may have duplicate images from multiple sources and forgot about them. Many times we capture different but very similar images, such as those taken in burst mode. Reverse image search is the technique that helps to identify duplicate images so that we can remove them easily from our content. some of the tips to find and eliminate duplicate images are as follows:

Find and eliminate duplicate images via reverse image search

There are different tools as well as search engines to perform a reverse image search. It becomes very simple and easy to find and then remove duplicate images from all over the internet using the reverse image search technique. Some of the tools and search engines to accomplish this task are as follows:


It is impossible to remember the source of images. This online tool searches using the image to find its authenticity and helps to remove it if it came out as a duplicate image. All you have to do is visit and upload an image to initiate the reverse image search process. After that, this refined system will give all the particulars about that image from the databases of different search engines. This reverse picture lookup utility will help to avoid duplication to increase the credibility of your content. It immediately removes all the uploaded data from its database to ensure the safety and privacy of its users.

Bing Image Search

This reverse image search utility is all there to serve this purpose efficiently. Take the assistance of Bing to know all the relevant detailed history and information about the image and objects present in it. All you have to do is drag and drop the image in this photo search engine and in the blink of an eye, it will provide results to your query. This way it helps to find whether a particular image is authentic or not.

Find and eliminate duplicate images via online applications

Some online applications help users to detect and remove duplicate images from their collection within no time. Some of them are:

Use Visipics

This application works only with Windows to find duplicate photos. It also deletes duplicate photos after scanning them. It has three filters when it comes to scanning. One of them will deliver identical or nearly indistinguishable results. Another one offers a balanced setting and the last one will net you more results, containing multiple angles of the same photograph.

This application l is suitable for JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PCX, TIFF, TGA, and RAW images. It serves as a solid method for duplicate deletion. However, the user must test the program on a very small folder with a few files to confirm that it will work great with your particular system and learn the program yourself. All the Deleted duplicate files will be moved to the Recycle Bin so you can recover them when needed.

Use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

This application is suitable for Mac, iOS, Windows as well as Android. Its working procedure is based on internal and external devices, for instance, external hard drives and memory cards. This application supports different file formats, such as JPG, GIF, EXR, SGI, BMP, and ICO. A user needs to select between Exact Match or Similar Match and preview photos before deleting them. It also offers a fast scan option if there are too many photos to sort through.

It offers a very easy-to-use interface that lets you fine-tune the images. Just go to this app and select your system to download and install it. Add particular folders or files to the list. Select the option to Scan for Duplicate images. There is an option of auto marking to mark identical photos in a group except for one. Click on delete to remove duplicate files.

Use Scanner to detect duplicate photos

Other than the collection of digital photos many of us own physical collections. To detect duplicate photos from such a collection scanner comes to the rescue. In such scanners, the user needs to feed one document at a time as well as a huge collection of photos at once. They auto-name all the pictures and let you categorize and keep a record of everything you put through the scanner. Every time you scan a photo, the scanner mechanically checks for dates and notes on the back of every image. Then organize them according to the date and subject. It identifies duplicate images and indicates so you can easily remove them from your collection.

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