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How To Live A More Minimalist Life Every Single Day

For a simpler, more organised and enjoyable life, here’s how to live more minimally everyday.

 Minimalism can help our lives to feel more organised, simple and easier to manage overall. It can feel as though it is an impossible task though, if you’re naturally untidy or disorganised. Some people also believe minimalism means no stuff, and that’s often not the case at all. Minimalism just means living a life with fewer things, the the things you do have or use are generally very precious or useful and intentional.

With that in mind, it would seem that most of us can benefit from a little more minimalism in our daily lives. To help you get started, here are some tips to help you live a more minimalist life every single day:

Understand Minimalism

The first thing you can do to give yourself a more minimalist daily life is to understand how it works a little better. Understanding the thought process behind it actually helps it feel less scary. You don’t have to move into a tiny home, or clear out your current home. It really just comes down to less being more and if you understand the benefits, you’ll actively want to make adjustments to your life to get those benefits.

Start With A Giant Clearout

Day to day, scan your home and think really carefully about what you have that you need. Does it bring you joy? Is it useful? Does it work? You’d be surprised how cluttered our homes are because we don’t actively think about the stuff in them. Today you could have a giant clearout in one go, or over time. The fact is that with less stuff overall, cleaning and organising will be easier.

Give Everything A ‘Home’

Everything should have somewhere to go. You now only have what you love and need, and it should have a place in your home. You might need to add a little storage here and there but, having each item have its place means day to day, you’re not fighting with piles of rubbish or, multiple pieces of clutter that seem to just have nowhere to go and no reason to be there. This process can also help you with your clearout, as you realise items that you have been keeping actually have no place in your home.

Focus On Functionality

Sometimes the areas we use in the home are not functional and that’s why they are messy and chaotic. By making places like the wardrobe more functional you can live a more minimalist life day to day. You should extend this attention to your cheap storage units or garage and even your garden.

Dedicate A Small Amount Of Time To Cleaning Up Every Day

Every day you should spend a bit of time cleaning up your home, even if it’s just for ten minutes. Those ten minutes add up and keep your home more minimalist and manageable day to day.

Think Long And Hard About Your Consumption Of Belongings

In todays culture it is easy to keep buying and buying without thought. We are a throwaway society which is not great for a minimalist home, or for the environment. Think really hard about each and every item you buy to make sure that you are only ever buying exactly what you love or need.

Work On Those Clutter Pockets

Sometimes places like your garden shed, self-storage unit or garage can become clutter pockets. So the rest of the house is tidy and organised but there’s an air of chaos in places we don’t want to deal with. Make those spaces the top of your list for sorting out, so that they don’t mount up and cause you a huge headache to deal with in the end.

Being more minimalist day to day only takes some small changes, and eventually it becomes like habit. Soon enough you’ll be leading a simpler, more organised life at home for a more relaxed and tidy home, and tidy mind.

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