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Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Habits You Can Cultivate for Much Better Skin

Written by Jimmy Rustling

We all have habits – whether it’s waking up and having coffee in the morning, going for a run every afternoon, sleeping at midnight, and so on. And there’s no doubt that these daily routines impact our bodies, health, and also our appearance. Likewise, our daily habits when it comes to taking care of our skin will undoubtedly have an impact as well, and it’s even more important than ever to take proper care of our skin because we are constantly exposed to toxins and other harmful or damaging elements as soon as we step out. But when it comes to skin habits, what are the best habits you can cultivate and develop for much better skin? Here’s your best and most ultimate guide. If you want to achieve a healthy skin, check Obvi online.

We already wash our faces as soon as we wake up, but you should also make it a habit to wash your face every time you work out or sweat. Washing gets rid of oils and dirt, and, more importantly, it gets rid of bacteria, which can accumulate and contribute to larger pores. So before you go to bed, you should wash your face to remove grime and dirt and makeup. It’s also best to use gentle and natural products and facial cleansers or washes, and you can take your pick from SkinCeuticals, which also features a whole array of other scientifically proven skincare products, like toners, moisturisers, serums, and more.

  • Getting some fresh air

As mentioned, we can get exposed to toxins and other harmful elements daily, such as UV rays, air pollution, heavy fragrances, and cigarette smoke, and our skin can suffer. But this is where fresh, clean air can do wonders. So, if you can, try to spend time outdoors (whilst protecting your skin with good sun cream, of course!) and breathe in some fresh, clean air. It would also be a good idea to go for natural products loaded with antioxidant ingredients so you can fight the damage caused to your skin.

  • Taking advantage of antioxidants

Speaking of antioxidants, you may want to get an extra dose of them as well. Free radical damage is all too real, and these free radicals can do a lot of damage to our bodies and skin over time. You can be exposed to free radicals through your food (fried food is a no-no), pesticides, and alcohol. But if you take advantage of antioxidants and incorporate foods rich in antioxidants into your diet, your skin will thank you for it. Antioxidants are designed to fight free radicals and neutralise them. So if you want your daily dose of it, eat a lot of antioxidant-rich food like pecans, blueberries, grapes, strawberries, and dark chocolate.  Now you have another excuse to get your chocolate fix!

  • Take time to exfoliate

Regular exfoliation is another key to having more beautiful, smoother skin, and you can exfoliate every week if you are older and once every two days if you are younger. When you exfoliate, it’s better to look for exfoliating products that contain AHA or alpha hydroxy acids, as these can essentially remove dead skin cells, removing the dead skin cells gently without any damage to the delicate skin underneath. Another great aspect about alpha hydroxy acids is that they serve as humectants, which means they can draw moisture to your skin.

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