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Should You Go to Law School in The State You Want to Practice?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Is it your goal to become a lawyer and set up a law firm? You can get a step closer to your goal by getting into a good law school. Aspiring lawyers go through multiple steps before qualifying to start practicing law in the United States of America.

You have to get your graduate degree, meet the requirements to enroll in a law school, pass the qualifying exams, and much more. Choosing the right law school for you is essential. But, should you go to law school in the state you want to practice? Read on to find out.

Should You Choose a Law School in the Same State?

You don’t need to go to a law school in the state you intend to practice. You can take your bar examination in any state if you graduate from one of the American Bar Association (ABA) accredited law schools.

Additionally, you do not have to go to a local law school to study local law. Though, it is essential to have adequate knowledge of the local laws to pass your bar exam. Regardless of the law school you attend, they follow a national curriculum set by the ABA. The syllabus emphasizes the legal concepts and principles that apply everywhere.

After graduating from your law school, you can always take some local law courses if you move to another state. It helps to familiarize with the local laws. Then, you can apply for the state’s bar exam.

Why Many Choose to Study Law in the Same State?

Many choose to study law in the same state they wish to practice because it comes with some advantages. While living in the local community, you can gain valuable insights into the local history, geography, and peculiar customs. The knowledge is going to be immensely useful while practicing.

Most reputed law firms recruit nationally. However, at times, most legal employers tend to recruit locally. You can also build your networks and connections while residing in the same area. In this way, local exposure will undoubtedly add some advantages to your knowledge and practice.

What to Consider While Choosing Law Schools on Location Basis?

Should you go to law school in the state you want to practice? If you often have this question on your mind, make sure to consider some essential factors to choose the right law school location for you.

Legal Market

You can choose a location that has a more extensive legal market. These places have a higher demand for daily legal issues, such as property transactions and traffic violations. You can also expect the locations to have more career opportunities with legal departments for major corporations and global law firms.

If you attend any law schools in these areas, you can get a good entry point. However, locations with a more extensive legal market are increasingly competitive. You have to manage the expensive tuition along with high living expenses.

Surrounding Industry Clusters

Look for a law school location that has the industries you are interested in working for. For instance, Dallas and Houston are dominated by energy law. Meanwhile, Seattle and San Francisco can give you more exposure to technology hubs and related laws.

You can gain higher industry experience in such locations. You can also make useful industry connections. It helps your practice significantly after you graduate.

You are free to choose a law school in the state you want to practice or another state. Make sure that you meet all the requirements before applying for a law school in the area. By considering the advantages of different locations to your practice, you can choose your law school.

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