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The college years are a time to work hard, achieve goals, and make lifelong friends. Unfortunately, it’s also a time when students frequently get arrested. If you are a college student facing a criminal charge, it’s imperative to work closely with a university criminal defense attorney to represent you. Yes, young people make mistakes, but they shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences for the rest of their lives because of one illegal act in college.

Here are the top 10 reasons students get arrested while in college and end up needing an attorney said Criminal Defense Attorney S. Joshua Macktaz, who’s experienced defending students throughout the state of Rhode Island.

1. Underage drinking 

Most Americans see university life as prime time for a social life, and most of these social cliques drink alcohol. With so many students entering college and the social scene underage, it’s incredibly common to see students arrested for underage drinking in their first year.

2. Disorderly Conduct

Unfortunately, it is pretty simple to get arrested for disorderly conduct in college. Examples of disorderly conduct are disturbing the peace, fighting, making loud and unreasonable noise, loitering in restricted areas, and using obscene language in public. Let’s say your university’s football team just won the big game and you go out with friends to celebrate. The examples mentioned above of disorderly conduct can easily be displayed during a college football party or celebration. Opposing teams can fight in public, obscene language is often used at these gatherings, and large crowds tend to gather in restricted areas. This is just one example of a college event that can lead to disorderly conduct arrests.

3. Using Fake Identification 

Using a fake ID to get into a bar or club may seem like a familiar college ritual, but it’s also illegal. Identification cards and driver’s licenses are tough to copy nowadays. Bouncers and club owners can easily spot them, so fake IDs are one of the primary reasons students get arrested in college.

4. Indecent Exposure 

In most states, the definition of indecent exposure includes willfully exposing your genitals in the presence of others. While it may seem like a big joke to go “streaking” across campus, it can also lead to an arrest and an indecent exposure charge.

5. DUI (Driving Under the Influence)

Since drinking alcohol is one of the most typical pastimes in college, it’s common for students to get pulled over for a DUI around campus late at night. Even though DUI’s are typical with university students, they can still lead to devastating and expensive consequences. Always work closely with a university criminal defense lawyer if you’re arrested for a DUI on or around campus.

6. Drug Crimes 

College is also a time when many students choose to experiment with drugs. Not only do they experiment with illegal drugs, but they might also push the limits of attempting to sell drugs. In addition, some students may even try to access prescription drugs illegally. Facing an arrest on university property for drug crimes is serious and should be managed closely with a university criminal defense lawyer.

7. Hazing 

Over the recent years, Greek life has had a media spotlight over it, and it’s not necessarily a positive thing. Hazing has led to student deaths, serious injuries, and lifelong consequences. Despite the good intentions, hazing can lead to severe criminal charges.

8. Pranks 

Much like hazing, school pranks always begin with humorous intent. Most students who get arrested for school pranks have no idea that the joke they’re pulling is actually illegal. For instance, damaging property, slipping something into someone’s drink, or getting a teacher to eat a pot brownie unknowingly can all result in an arrest.

9. Theft 

There’s no doubt that the cost of college has risen significantly. The “broke college student” persona can incite some illegal acts of theft. Stealing food from the local fast-food restaurant or taking a phone or tablet while no one is looking can produce harsh penalties in a criminal court.

10. Revenge Porn 

Young adults often forget what can happen when emotions run high. Sexual relationships and break-ups can lead to passionate outbursts and unfortunate mistakes. Releasing an ex’s nude or sexual video can lead to either civil lawsuits or criminal charges in some states.

At which point, the individual who has released their ex’s nudes will need to hire a sex crimes lawyer to prevent their future careers from being severely impacted.

In Conclusion:

College should be a time to enjoy being young, make new friends, and participate in fun events. When these acts get out of hand, arrests happen. However, it’s important to remember that even good people make mistakes. Don’t let a criminal charge in college follow you for the rest of your life. If you’re ever arrested for any of the crimes mentioned above, be sure to contact a university criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

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